Sesago Healthcare provides a broad array of advanced solutions used by health care professionals in various fields of diagnosis. Our exhaustive product range includes Equipments and Consumables related to Pathology, Chemistry , Rapid Rest kits for Syphilis, HIB, Hep-B, Hep-C , TB , Malaria and many more.

70000Anti Microbial Susceptibility Test Disc Ciprofloxacin 1mcg Sensitivity disc CT0623B 5 disc/Pkt ..
70001Bacitracin 0.05 IU DD0002B Sensitivity Disc
70002Ampicilin 10mcg Sensitivity Disc
70003Amikacin 30mcg Sensitivity 5X50 Discs
70004Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test Disc Cefotaxime CTX 30 Sensitivity 5 Disc/Pkt
70005Urea 40% Sterile 10x5ml
70006Cefaclor CEC 30mcg 5x50 Sensitivity Discs
70008Amoxycilin 10mcg Sensitivity 5X50 Discs
70009Ceftazidime CAZ 30 sensitivity 5X50 Discs
70010Ceftrioxone 30mcg CRO (CT0417B) 5X50 Sensitivity Discs/Pkt..
70011Chloramphenicol 30mcg C (CT0013B) 5X50 Sensitivity Discs/Pkt..
70012Ciprofloxacin 5mcg CIP (CT0425B) 5X50 Sensitivity Discs/Pkt..
70013Erythromycin 15mcg E (CT0020B) 5X50 Sensitivity Discs/Pkt ..
70014Anti Microbial Susceptibility Test Disc Ciprofloxacin 5mcg Sensitivity disc 5 disc/Pkt..
70015Erythromycin E 10 Sensitivity Disc 5x50's (CT0019 B)
70016Chloramphenicol C10
70017Factor V Diagnostic Disc
70018Factor V and X Disc
70019Xylose Lysine Deoxycholtae Agar 500gm CM0469
70020Amoxycilin 2 mcg Sensitivity DIsc 5x50
70021Anaerobic Indicators disposable, Resazurin 100Pcs
70022Agar No. 3 500Gm
70023Amines Trasnport Media CM 0425 250 gm
70024Measuring Cylinders 250mls Graduated Glass
70025Test Tubes Glass Plain 7.5x1.0
70026Cooked Meat Agar 500 Gm (CM 0081)
70027Agar No 1 500gm Bacteriological
70029API CD ( Bio Meurix) and 2 Copies
70030Columbia Blood Agar Base 500gm CM0331
70031API 20 E 25/Pkt
70031AAPI Rap ID -One system 20 Test Remel..Conatin: 20 One Panels, 20 Report Forms, 1 x One Reagent 15 ml, 2 Incubation Tray ( 2-8 C)
70032FinnTip 250 0.5-250ul Universal Thermofisher 96x10 Racks 1000's
70033Macconkey Agar 500 Gm CM0007
70034Stop Watch Digital
70035Nutrient Agar Granules 500 Gm
70036Anaerobic Jarsr
70037Bacteriology Loop With Holders
70038Brush Test Tubes With Bristle Ends
70039Measuring Cylinders 20mls Graduated Glass
70040Measuring Cylinders 150mls Graduated Glass
70041Nalidixic Acid 30mcg 5X50 Discs
70042Measuring Cylinders 200mls Graduated Glass
70043Desoxycholate Citrate Agar 500gm CM0227
70044Norfloxacin NOR 10 Sensitivity Discs
70045Nitrofurantoin 100mcg F (CT0034B) 5X50 Sensitivity Discs/Pkt..
70046Antimicrobial sus test Tetracyclin TE 30 Disc 5 30 mcg 5 disc/Pkt
70047Vencomycin VA 30
70048Anti Micro Bial Sus test Disc Tetracyclin 10 mcg T10 5 Disc/Pkt
70049Spectinomycin SH 30mcg 5x50 Sensitivity Discs
70050Piperacillin 30 PRL 30
70051Bacteriological Media-Peptone 500Gm (Cat 7416) LP0037
70052Novobiocin NV 30mcg 5x50 Sensitivity Discs
70053Novobiocin NV 5 Sensitivity Discs
70054Penicillin G 10 microgram Sensitivity discs
70055Anti Microb sus. test Disc disc /Pkt Sulphamethoxazole/Trimetho 25 mcg sensi. 5X50 Discs
70056Flucloxacillin FLUCLOX 30mcg 5x50 Sensitivity Discs
70057Oxidase I.D Sticks 50's
70058Anti microbial Sus. Disc Oxacillin OX-1..5 Disc/Pkt (CTO 159 B)
70059Gentamycin 10mcg CN (CT0024B) 5x50 Sensitivity Discs/Pkt..
70060Metronidazole Sensitivity Disc 30mcg
70061Oxacillin OX 30mcg 5x50 Sensitivity Discs
70062Metronidazole MTZ 5ug , 5X50 Discs
70063Oxacillin OX 5ug sensitivity 5X50 discs (CT0040B)..
70064Sensitivity Disc Penicillin G 10 U (CT0043B) 5 Cartridges/Pkt (50 Disc/Cartridge)
70065Iso-Sensitest Agar 500g CM04718..
70066Nitrofurantoin F 50mcg 5x50 Sensitivity Discs
70067Erythrosin Yellow 25G
70068Aluminium Chloride 500gm
70069Di-Potassium Hydrogen Ortho 500gm
70070Phenol Crystalline AR 500gm
70071Potassium Dichromate 500gm
70072Sodium Sulphate AR 500gm
70073Cholera TCBS Medium 500gm
70074Vancomycin VA 30mcg 5x50 Sensitivity Discs
70075Thiosulfate Citrate Bile Salt Sucrose Agar 500gm (TCBS)
70076Streptex Rapid Kit For Strptococcal Grouping 50 Test /kit
70077X Pert MTB Kit (Detection of Micobacterium Tuberculosis Complelx DNA and rpo B gene core mutations associated with Rifampicin-resistence) 10Tests/Kit
70078Braun Thermoscan Digital Ear Thermometer IRT 4020
70079Anisole extra pure 99% 1L ACR153920010 cas no. 100-66-3..
70080Carbol Fuchsin pure 25g ACR195790250  cas no. 4197-24-4..
70081Optochin Disc
70082VDRL / RPR Test(Carbon Antigen Test Kit, 100Tests per kit..
70083API 20 E 25 Galleries Cat No. 7232
70085VDRL Test Kit 250 Test /Kit ( Carbon Antigen Test Kit)
70086Sodium hydroxide pellets for analysis EMSURE ISO 1 kg
70087Sodium Phosphate Dibasic 500gm
70088Sulphamethoxazole/Trimethoprim 25mcg SXT (CT0052B) 5X50 Sensitivity Discs/Pkt....
70089Sensitivity disk, Methicilin 5mcg
70090Micropore 'O' Tape
70091Microscope Coverslip Glass 22 x 40 100's
70092Eosin Yellow Disodium Salt 25gm
70093Microscope Coverslip Glass 22 x 50 mm 100's
70094Aluminium Potassium Sulphate 500gm
70095Finntipp 250 0.5-250ul Universal 10x96
70096Ammonia SG 0.91 2.5Ltr
70097Malachite Green LR 25gm
70098Baird Parket Medium 500 gm
70099Bijou Bottle 7-10 ml with cap 700/Pkt
70101Ethyl Violet Acid Broth
70102Coverslip Haemacytometer 20X26mm..
70103Microscope Slide 76X25mm Plain 1-1.2mm , 50's
70104Carbon Fuschin 25gm
70105Paraffin Oil 250ml
70106Oxidative/Fermentative media 500gm ..
70107Sodium Hydroxide Palettes 500gm..
70108Sodium Hydroxide Soln. 1N 1L.
70109Glycine (Aminoacetic Acid ) 100 Gm /Jar
70110Finntiip 5ml Racked Volume 1-5 ml
70111Finntip 5 ml Racked Volume 1-5ml
70112Gelatine Powder 500 Gm / Jar
70113Hexamine 500 Gm/Jar (Hexamethylenetetramine Methenamine , Formin)
70114Mercury II Cholride extra pure fine crystal 100 gm
70115Magnesium Sulphate Salt 400gm
70116Milk Of Magnesia 170 Ml
70117Parafin Wax
70118Absolute Denature Alcohol 20L
70119Fuchsin Basic LR 25gm
70120Fuchsin Acid LR
70121Hydrochloric Acid 32% 2.5 Ltr
70122Lithium Carbonate 500 Gm / Jar
70123Methanol Dry Reagent Gr 2.5 Ltr
70124Ntric acid 69% for analysis EMSURE ACS,Reag. Ph Eur 500 ml
70125Oxalic Acid Dihydrate ACS
70126Potasium Chloratre AR
70127Sodiummeta busulfite
70128Trichlocloro acetic acid AR
70129Erythsosine B 25gm
70130Phosphotung Acid 100ml
70131Gold chloride,99%
70132Buffer Tablet PH 4.0 (Phthalate) Cat No. 19034 (FSE) 100/Bot..
70133Buffer Tablet PH 7.0 (Phosphate) Cat No. 19039 FSE 100/Bot
70134Haematest Tablet 50's, Blood In Faeces
70135GT300 GREEN pump kit..VITONSEAL
70136Color Slide II Mononucleosis Test 50, Rapid Slide Aggrigulation tests, (R2468944) Color enhanced slide test for detection of heterophile antibodies in serum or plasma
70137Opthlmoscope K-180 HEINE 2.5V with handle in soft pouch
70138Sodium Phosphate, Monobasic monohydrate, 99+%
70139Potassium Phosphate monobasic, 99+%
70140Celestine Blue, pure..coelestinblau B, pure
70141Sennega and Amonia Mixture
70142Optochin Discs 5x50's..
70143Augmentin AMC 15mcg 5X50 Discs..
70144Augmentine AMC 30ug 5x 50 discs
70145Cotriomoxazole SXT 25ug, 5x 50 Discs
70146Penicillin G p 0.5ug 5x50 discs
70147Bile Asculin Agar 500gm
70148Brain Heart Infusion Agar 500gm
70149Dnase Agar 500gm
70150Haemoglobin Powder Soluable 500gm LP0053
70151Lab Lemco Powder 500gm
70152O.F. Medium 6ml., 20's
70153Fuchsin Basic for Shief's/Fuel Gen 25gms
70154Haematoxylinc . 1 75290 100gms
70155Neutral Red C.150040 25gms
70156Erythrosin B C .145430 25gms
70157Paraosaniline Hydrochloride C.142500 100gms
70158Buffer Salt Tablets Ph 6.8
70159ISO-Amyl Alcohol 2.5ltr
70160Methylene Blue 100gm
70161Sodium di-Hydrogen Phosphate (hydrated) 500gms
70162Sulphuric Acid AR 2.5 Ltr 98%..
70163Potassium Ferricyanid 500gm K3Fe(CN)6
70164Rod Stirring 25cm 6mm Round end, Single pcs
70165Timer Interval 60mins
70166Carbon Filter for Tissue Processor (Tissue Tek VIP5JR)
70167Gasket for ASP 200
70168Gasket for Tissue Tek VIP5JR
70169O Rings for ASP 200
70170Trimming Knife Handle F-130P (for used microtome blades)
70171Bucket 1 Ltr Shandon
70172Bucket 5 Ltr Shandon
70173Bucket 10 Ltr Shandon
70174Filter Papers WHATMAN'S NO 1, 11cm Pkt of 100's
70175Filter Papers WHATMAN'S NO 1, 24cm Pkt of 100's
70176Filter Papers WHATMAN'S NO 1, 32cm Pkt of 100's
70177Hibar® RT 250-4,6 Purospher® STAR RP-18 endcapped (5 µm) ..HPLC ready-to-use-column..
70178LiChroCART® 4-4 Purospher® STAR RP-18 endcapped (5 µm) HPLC guard cartridge..
70179Pre-column holder for direct coupling of LiChroCART® 4-4 pre.. : -columns with LiChroCART® RT cartridges..
70180LiChroCART® 250-4,6 Purospher® STAR RP-18 endcapped (5 µm) HPLC cartridge..
70181manu-CART® NT cartridge holder for LiChroCART® 2,3,4,4.6mm HPLC cartridges..
70182LiChroCART® 4-4 Purospher® STAR RP-18 endcapped (5 µm) HPLC guard cartridge..
70183Hibar® RT 150-4,6 Purospher® STAR RP-18 endcapped (5 µm) HPLC ..ready-to-use-column..
70184LiChroCART® 4-4 Purospher® STAR RP-18 endcapped (5 µm) HPLC guard cartridge 10's..
70186LiChroCART® 150-4,6 Purospher® STAR RP-18 endcapped (5 µm) HPLC cartridge..
70187Fuchsin Basic LR 100gm
70188LiChroCART® 4-4 Purospher® STAR RP-18 endcapped (5 µm) HPLC guard cartridge 10's..
70189Extran MA05 liquid detergent, alkaline, phosphate-free 5 Ltr..
70190Anti A+B+D Monoclonal Agglutianting Antisera - 1 x 10 ml ( 2-8 C )
70191Anti Human Serum Poly specific (Coombs Serum) Ready to use MonoClona Anti C3D +Polyclonal Anti Ig Gl
701921,2-Dichloroethane for liquid chromatography LiChrosolv 1 Ltr
70193Acetonitrile gradient grade for liquid chromatography Reag. Ph Eur LiChrosolv 4 Ltr..
70194Benzene EMSURE for analysis ACS,ISO,Reag. Ph Eur 2.5 Ltr..
70195n-Butyl acetate EMSURE for analysis 2.5 Ltr..
70196Chloroform for liquid chromatography LiChrosolv 2.5 Ltr..
70197Cyclohexane for liquid chromatography LiChrosolv 2.5 Ltr
70198Dichloromethane for liquid chromatography LiChrosolv 2.5 Ltr..
70199MSI Branded Pregnancy Test Strips - 2.5mm Pack of 20 Strips
70200Dipottasium salt 100 gm E.D.T.A
70201Diethyl ether for spectroscopy Uvasol 1Ltr..
70202Diisopropyl ether EMSURE for analysis ACS,Reag. Ph Eur 2.5 Ltr..
70203Dimethyl sulfoxide for spectroscopy Uvasol 2.5 Ltr
70204N,N-Dimethylformamide for spectroscopy Uvasol 2.5 Ltr
702051,4-Dioxane for liquid chromatography LiChrosolv 2.5 Ltr
70206Aggrigulating Serum Haemophilus Injuenze type a (ZM 20) 30166001
70207Aggrigulating Serum Haemophilus Injuenze type b (ZM 21) 30166101
70208Aggrigulating Serum Haemophilus Injuenze type c (ZM 22) 30166201
70209Aggrigulating Serum Haemophilus Injuenze type d (ZM 23) 30166301
70210Aggrigulating Serum Haemophilus Injuenze type e (ZM 24) 30166401
70211Aggrigulating Serum Haemophilus Injuenze type f (ZM 25) 30166501
70212Aggrigulating Serum Neisseria meningitidis polyvalent Groups A-D (ZM33) 30166601
70213Aggrigulating Serum Neisseria meningitidis polyvalent Groups X,Y,Z,W135 (ZM34) 30166701
70214Aggrigulating Serum Neisseria meningitidis Group A (ZM37) 30166801
70215Aggrigulating Serum Neisseria meningitidis Group C (ZM39) 30166901
70216Aggrigulating Serum Neisseria meningitidis Group D (ZM40) 30167001
70217Aggrigulating Serum Neisseria meningitidis Group Y (ZM42) 30167201
70218Aggrigulating Serum Neisseria meningitidis Group W135 (ZM44) 30167401
70219Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella Polyvalent O Groups A-G (ZC01) 30858101
70220Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella Polyvalent O Groups A-S (ZC02) 30858201
70221Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella 2-0 (ZC11) 30956701
70222Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella 4-0 (ZC13) 30956901
70223Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella 5-0 (ZC14) 30957001
70224Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella 6,7-0 (ZC15) 30957101
70225Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella 8-0 (ZC16) 30957201
70226Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella 9-0 (ZC17) 30957301
70227Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella Vi (ZC18) 30957401
70228Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella 10-0 (ZC19) 30957501
70229Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella 11-0 (ZC20)30957601
70230Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella 13,22-0 (ZC21) 30957701
70231Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella Polyvalent H Phase 1&2 (ZD01) 30858501
70232Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella Rapid 1-Hb,d,E,r (ZD02) 30959801
70233Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella Rapid 2-Hb,E,k,l (ZD03) 30959901
70234Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella Rapid 3-Hd,E,g,k (ZD04) 30160101
70235Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella d-H (ZD08) 30160501
70236Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella Polyvalent phase 21,3,5,6,7 (ZD35) R30163201
70237Aggrigulating Serum Shigella dysenteriae polyvalent (1-10) (ZE02) 30163701
70238Aggrigulating Serum Shigella flexneri polyvalent (1-6,X&Y) 30163801
70239Aggrigulating Serum shigella boydii polyvalent 1 (1-6) (ZG01) 30163901
70240Aggrigulating Serum Shigella boydii polyvalent 2 (7-11) (ZG02) 30164001
70241Aggrigulating Serum Sgigella boydii polyvalent 3 (12-15) (ZG03) 30164101
70242Aggrigulating Serum Shigella sonnei phase 1&2 (ZH01) 30164201
70243Aggrigulating Serum Neisseria Meningitidis Group X (ZM41) 30167101
70244Aggrigulating Seurm Salmonella 3,10,15,19-0 (ZC 12) 30956801
70245Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella 15-0 (ZC 23) 30957901
70246Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella 19-0 (ZC27) 30958301
70247Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella a-H (ZD05) 30160201
70248Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella 1,6-H (ZD38) 30163501
70249Aggrigulating Serum Escherichia Coli Polyvalent 2 Types (ZA01) 30954901
70250Aggrigulating Serum Escherichia Coli Type0125:K70 (B15)
70251Wellcogen ETA Solution 10ml (R30164501) ZL29
70252Aggrigulating Serum E coli Type Polyvalent 3-2ml/VL (R30955001) ZA02
70253Aggrigulating Serum Escherichia Coli (B6) (30955201) ZA11
70254Aggrigulating Serum Escherichis Coli (L) (30955301) ZA12
70255Aggrigulating Serum Escherichia Coli (B4) (30955601) ZA15
70256Aggrigulating Serum Escherichia Coli (B11) (30955701) ZA16
70257Aggrigulating Serum Escherichia Coli (B) (30955801) ZA17
70258Aggrigulating Serum Escherichia Coli (B14) (30955901) ZA18
70259Aggrigulating Serum Escherichia Coli (B17) (30956001) ZA19
70260Aggrigulating Serum Escherichia Coli (B16) (30956201) ZA 21
70261Aggrigulating Serum Escherichia Coli (B8) (30956301) ZA22
70262Aggrigulating Serum Escherichia Coli (B12) (30956401) ZA23
70263Aggrigulating Serum Escherichia Coli (B) (30956501) ZA24
70264Aggrigulating Serum Neisseria meningitidis Group Z (ZM43) 30167301
70265Aggrigulating Serum Neisseria meningitidis Group B (ZM51) 30167501
70266Aggrigulating Serum Salmonella b-H (ZD06) 30160301
70267Ethyl acetate for liquid chromatography LiChrosolv 4 Ltr..
70268Ethanol gradient grade for liquid chromatography LiChrosolv 4 Ltr..
70269n-Heptane for liquid chromatography LiChrosolv 2.5 Ltr..
70270n-Hexane for liquid chromatography LiChrosolv 4 Ltr..
702712-Propanol gradient grade for liquid chromatography LiChrosolv 2.5 Ltr..
702722-Propanol gradient grade for liquid chromatography LiChrosolv 4 Ltr..
70273Ethyl methyl ketone EMSURE for analysis ACS,Reag. Ph Eur 2.5 Ltr..
70274tert-Butyl methyl ether for liquid chromatography LiChrosolv 2.5 Ltr..
702751-Butanol for liquid chromatography LiChrosolv 2.5 Ltr..
702761-Propanol for liquid chromatography LiChrosolv 2.5 Ltr..
70277n-Pentane for spectroscopy Uvasol 1 Ltr..
70278Tetrahydrofuran for liquid chromatography LiChrosolv 2.5 Ltr..
70279Tetrahydrofuran for liquid chromatography LiChrosolv 4 Ltr..
70280Toluene for liquid chromatography LiChrosolv 2.5 Ltr..
70281Toluene for liquid chromatography LiChrosolv 4 Ltr..
70282Trichloroethylene EMSURE for analysis ACS,Reag. Ph Eur 2.5 Ltr..
70283Water for chromatography LiChrosolv 2.5 Ltr..
70284Boric acid EMSURE for analysis ACS,ISO,Reag. Ph Eur 1 Kg..
70285Calcium hydroxide EMSURE for analysis ACS,Reag. Ph Eur 500gm..
70286Acetic acid (glacial) 100% anhydrous EMSURE ..for analysis ACS,ISO,Reag. Ph Eur (Glass) 1 Ltr..
70287Iodine resublimed EMSURE for analysis ACS,ISO,Reag. Ph Eur 500 gm..
70288Formic acid 98-100% EMSURE for analysis ACS,Reag. Ph Eur 1 Ltr..
70289Nitric acid 69% EMSURE for analysis ACS,Reag. ..Ph Eur (Bottle labelled 1.01799.2502) 2.5 Ltr..
70290ortho-Phosphoric acid 85% EMSURE for analysis ACS,ISO, Reag. Ph Eur 1 Ltr..
70291Potassium dihydrogen phosphate EMSURE for analysis ISO 250gm..
70292Potassium dihydrogen phosphate EMSURE for analysis ISO 1 Kg..
70293Potassium carbonate EMSURE for analysis ACS,ISO,Reag. Ph Eur 1 Kg..
70294Potassium hydroxide pellets EMSURE for analysis 500 gm..
70295Potassium sulfate EMSURE for analysis ACS,ISO,Reag. Ph Eur 500 gm..
70296Silver nitrate EMSURE for analysis ISO,Reag. Ph Eur 250 gm..
70297Silver nitrate EMSURE for analysis ISO,Reag. Ph Eur 1 Kg..
70298Sodium acetate anhydrous EMSURE for analysis ACS,Reag. Ph Eur 1 kg..
70299Beaker 250ml grad low form Pk10 10Pkt..
70300Beaker 25ml grad low form Pk10 10Pkt..
70301Erlenmyer flask 100ml n/n Pk10 10Pkt..
70302Erlenmeyer flask 150ml n/n Pk10 10Pkt..
70303Erlenmeyer flask 250ml n/n Pk10 10Pkt..
70304Erlenmeyer flask 25ml n/n Pk10 10Pkt..
70305Erlenmeyer flask 50ml n/n Pk10 10Pkt..
70306Erlenmeyer flask 500ml n/n Pk10 10Pkt..
70310Vaccutainer EDTA Blood collection tube K3 3-5 ml (Purple lid) 100/Pkt
70310AVaccutainer EDTA 0.5ml Micro Tube Purple Lid 100's/Pkt..
70311Vaccutainer Plain tube 5-10 ml ( Red lid)100/Pkt..
70312TBD 1 Rapid
70313Chiken Guniya 20Test/ Kit
70314Chiken Gunia 25Test/ kit
70315Dengue Duo Test Card NS1 AG+Ab Combo 10Test/Kit
70315ARapid card test to detect Dengue NS1 Antigen & differential detection of lgM & lgG antibodies in human Serum or Plasma 10Test/Kit
70316Depex mounting media 500 ml
70317Chisel 6 inch 1/4x3/4, Army pattern
70319Light Green 25Gms yellowish
70320Di- Sodium Hydrogen Ortho Anhydrous 500gm.
70321Sodium Chloride AR 500gm
70322Sodium Dihydrogen Orthophalate 500 gm
70323Silver Nitrate A.R 25gm
70324Potasium Ferocynaide Trihydrate 500 Gm
70325Sodium Acetate Any 500 gm
70326Forceps Tweezer (First Aid Kit)
70327Eosin Y,0.06% Light Green 1 Ltr ( In Ethanol)
70328Filter Cardx White 200/box
70329Cytoslide Double Circle Blue Mask 100/box
70330Cytospin TPX Sample Chambers 12/Pk
70331Cytoclip SS Clips 6 pcs/Pack
70332Giemsa Stain Powder 50 GM
70333Magnesium Citrate Nonhydrate 500GM
70334Wellcogen N menin A,C,Y W135 KT/30TST (R30859203)
70335Aggrigulating Serum E.coli Type Polyvalent 4-2ml /VL (R30955101) ZA03
70336Rapid Plasma Reagin test kit modified slid test for Syphilis
70337Tannic Acid
70338ParaHIT - f Ver1.0 (Rapid test for P. falciparum Malaria) (Dipstick) 50 Test Kit
70339Giemsa Stain Powder500 gm
70340Potasium Di-Hydrogen Orthophosphate
70341Picric Acid
70342Reagent strips for Urinalysis (Glucose & Protein), 100's
70347Containers,sterile,70 ml for Urine/Sputum with Yellow cap, 500/Ctn, Single
70348Rapid Inocuation Fluid 2ml 20pcs
70349Microscopic Slide Forsted one End 75 x25mm 100's
70350Urinalysis Strips 10SG, 100's Glucose/Ascorbic Acid/Billirubin/Ketone/Specfic Gravity/Blood/Ph/Protein/Urogbillionogen/Nitrile/Leukocutes)
70351Single Timer for Lab BP/USP
70352Centrifuge Mechanic Digital Model no -LE184/LE185
70353Base Mold 10x10x5mm
70354Base Mold 24x24x5mm
70355Base Mold 30x24x9mm
70356Base Mold 24x37x9mm
70357Block Bank Metal Top
70358Universal Plinth
70359Wheeled Plinth
70360Block Bank
70361Gram Negative stain(set of 4 btls) BP/USP
70364Paraplast Wax 1kg
70365Carbon Filter for Tissue Processor (ASP 200)
70366Funnel PP 50 mm dia, stem dia
70366AFunnel PP 75mm dia, Stem dia 6mm , H 110mm
70367Agglutinating Sera Shigella Poly (7-11)
70368Agglutinating Sera Shigella Poly(1-6)(X-Y)
70369Agglutianting Sera Shigells Poly (12-15) 2ml
70370Agglutinatng Sera Shigella Sonei Phase 1&2
70371Blood Agar Base 500gm CM0055
70372Shigella Aglu. poly serum Disenteria
70373Streptcoccal Grouping Kit (O Enzyme) 50 Test..
70374Cryptococcus Antigen Kit 50 Test..
70375Microtome Feather Trimming Blade Pack of 50 Blades
70376Coverslip 22 x 22 mm 100's
70377Finntipp 5ml, 0.5-5ml Racked 5 x 54 Green
70378Finntip 10ml, 1-10ml Racked 5x24 Red coded
70380Finntip -300 Racked Volume 5-300ul
70381Finntip 1000 Racked Volume 100-1000ul
70382Finntip 10ml 1-10ml
70383Glass Bead 500 gm
70384Pipette Tips 2-20ul Finntip Box (Cat LF 003)
70385Finnpipette Focus Long 10-100 ul
70386Finnpipette Cable Connected 150 ul
70387Pipette Tips 10-100Ul Fintipp (0.5-250Ul) (LF 005)
70388Pipette Tips 0.5-200 ul ( 0.5-250 ul) Universal LF 0006 500's pck
70389Pipette Tips 100-1000ul 400/Bag (LF 0024)
70390Finnpipette Focus Short Tip Cone Volume 5-50 ul (Cat LF 0031)
70391Finpipette Focus Long Tip Cone Volume 10-100ul (LF 0030)
70392Pipette Tips 1-10ml Finntip 60 in Box of 400
70393Tube Test cap for Anodised Aluminium with Chrome Nickle Spring 15-16mm Black
70394Finpipette 1-10 ul
70395Finpipette 2-20 ul
70396Finpipette 20-200 uL
70397Finpipette 100-1000 ul
70398Pad Absorbent with Dispensor &Sterlized pads 200 pads/Tube
70399Bag Rack Stand (Storage Racks for Bags with Clips) Stainless Steel
70400Tube Fermentation Durham 6.5 X 30 mm 250Pcs/Pkt
70400ATube Fermentation Durham 6 X 50 mm 72Pcs/Pkt
70401vacutainer Plain 10Ml x 16x 100 mm hemogard clouser (serum container) 100'sr)
70402Test Tubes Pyrex 16 x 1.9 cm Single(Supplied in multiple of 100's)
70403Test Tube Pyrex 16 x 1.5 cm single(Supplied in multiple of 100's)
70403ATest Tube Pyrex 10 x 1.2 cm single (Supplied in multiple of 100's)..
70404Food Blender Stomacher-400 Bag ..(Recks
70405HEMOCUE HB201 Micro Cuvettes, Glass, 200 Cuvettes/Box..
70406Bio Hazard Bag 300mmx500mm for specimen 1000/Ctn
70407Ammonium Carbonate
70408Ammonium Chloride
7040920D Volk Lens
7041090D Volk Lens
70411Alician Blue 8G
70412Acetone Tehnical Grade 2.5 Litre
70413Chiken Guniya 10Test/ Kit
70414Citofem Cytology Test Price per Test supplied as 50Test kits/Pkt ..with Rovers Brush,Slide, Bio Prep,OG 6,EA 50,Hemotoxilin and Cublique-1 Test kit
70415m-ColiBlue24 Broth 100ml/bottle
70417Glycerol 500ml
70418Blood glucose test strips (Omni Test Plus) Strips 25's
70418ABlood Glucose test strips for OMNI-3 25's
70419HIV Test Kit 1 Test /Kit
70420Specimen Container 1 Ltr urine/sputum
70421Urine Container 25-30ml
70422E. Coli Type O124:K72 (B17) 2ml/VL
70423E. Coli Type O125:K70 (B15) 2ml/VL
70424E. Coli Type O126:K71 (B16) 2ml/VL
70425E.Coli Type O127:K63 (B8) 2ml/VL
70426E.Coli Type O128:K67 (B12) 2ml/VL
70427E.Coli Type O142:K86 2ml/VL
70428E.Coli Type O18c:K77 (B21) 2ml/VL
70429Salmonella O Factor 2 (GP A) 2ml/VL
70430Salmonella 3,10,15,19-O (Gp E) 2ml/VL
70431Salmonella O Factor 8 (Gp C2) 2ml/VL
70432Salmonella O Factor 10 (Gp E1) 2ml/VL
70433Salmonella O Factor 11 (Gp F) 2ml/VL
70434Wellcogen Bacterial Antigen KT5x30TST (R30859602)..Cat PW004
70435E.coli Type O26:K60 (B6) 2ml/VL (R30955201)
70436E. Coli Type O44:K74 (L) 2ml/VL (R30955301)
70437E.coli Type O55:K59 (B5) 2ml/VL (R30955401)
70438E. Coli Type O111:K58 (B4) 2ml/VL
70439E. Coli Type O112:K66 (B11) 2ml/VL
70440E. Coli Type O114:K90 (B) 2ml/VL
70441E. Coli Type O119:K69 (B14) 2ml/VL
70442Salmonella O Factor 13,22 (Gp G) 2ml/VL
70443AML 25 Amoxycillin (CT0061B)
70444NOR5 Norfloxacin
70445E-Coli Poly 3 Agg. Serum 2ml
70446Wellcogen Strep B (ZL 20) R30858701 30 Tests
70447Wellcogen N meningitidis (ZL24) R30859502 30Tests
70448Wellcogen H influenzae b (ZL21) R30858801 30Tests
70449Meditest combi 9 test strips..Urine analysis100's
70450Laryngoscope,Stainless Steel
70450ALaryngoscope adult set
70451Malaria Test Kit 50 Test/Box
70452Microscope Laboratory
70453Malaria Antigen Pv/Pf Test Device (pLDH/HRP-II) 50tests/Kit
70454Spectinomycin Sh100 (PS0051)
70455Amoxyclini Aml 25
70456Wellcogen S Pneumoniae (ZL22) R30859001 30Tests
70457Wellcogen Bact Ag
70458Microbact 24E KIT (20x4 test)
70459Xylene 20L Drum
70460Xylene 2.5 Ltr Sulfur Free
70461Potasium Nitrate 500gm
70462Potasium Permenganate 500gm
70463Periodic Acid 50% Solution 50 ml
70464Anti Microbial Susceptibilty Test Disc Piperacillin 30 mcg 5 disc/Pkt (CT1619B)
70465Papanicolaou Stain Kit (Rapid PAP) 250 Smears/Kit
70466Papaniculaou OG6 Stain Soln II - 2B
70467Acetic Acid Glacial 2,5 L
70468Finpipette 50ul , fixed vol pipettor
70469Sodium Iodate 100 gm Jar
70470Sodium Dihydrogen MonoHydrate Phosphate reagent Grade 500 gm
70471Sodium Metabisulphite 500gm/Jar Regent Grade
70472Hydroquinone Synthesis Grade 100 Gm/Jar
70473Sodium Sulphite Anhydrous 500 Gm/Jar
70474Sodium Oxalate
70475Sputum Cup 50-60ml with Screw cup lead 100's (Supplied in cartons of 5 x100's)
70477Signal HCV Ver 2.0 (Flow Through Anti-HCV Spot/Immunodot ) 10 Test kit
70478Signal HIV (Flow Through HIV 1+2 Spot/ Immunodat) 50 Test Kit
70479Signal MF (Flow Through Filaial Antibody Spot/ Immunodat) 5 Test kit
70480ParaHIT - FV (Device) (Rapid Test for P. falciparum and P. vivax Malaria) 10 Test Kit
70481TB Test 10 Test/Kit
70482Sharp Disposable Container 5 Litre
70483Sharp Dispo Conatiner 6 Litre
70484Sharp Container 19 L
70485Sharps Container (Yellow Plastic) 19 Ltr
70486Rubber Teats Orange , 10's
70487N 95 Formguard for Hospital,Motorist,Grinding,Cutting by Machine and Cement Work (Size 63.5X58X46) Single Pcs
70488Amoxycilin AML 125 (PDS027)
70489Reagent VPII MB 703 (PV0008)
70490Reagent Nitrate A MB 705
70491Reagent Nitrate MB 706
70493Sample Container Approximately 10-50ml
70495Api Nn D/g
70496Zn D/g
70497Zym B Reagent D/g
70498Zym A Reagent D/g
70500James Reagent
70501Amoxycillin AML2
70503Rapid test kit for qualitative detection of antibodies to HIV-1 & HIV-2 viruses in human serum, plasma, 50Tests/kit
70504Rapid Test for the Qualitative detection of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen in Human Serum/Plasma (HBsAg Test) 50Tests/kit
70504ARapid One Step immunochromatografic Test for the detection of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen in Human Serum or Plasma 30Tests/kit
70505Syphillis test kit test for detection of antibodies against Syphillis 20 Test/Kit(immunochromatographic)
70506Rapid slide & tube ( widal )TEST..FLOW THROUGH ANTI-HCV SPOT/ TEST KIT) ANTIGEN SET 10 Test/Kit
70507Syphils/TP Card Test (Rapid test for qualitative detection of IgM,IgG & IgA antibody to Treponema Pallidum in Human Serum/Plasma) 50Tests/Pkt
70508Rapid test kit for qualitative detection of antibodies to HIV-1 & HIV-2 in human serum, plasma & whole blood, 30 Tests/kit
70509Mobile Mapper with MM10 Software
70510Audiometer AS608b With AC battery Power ( Equl to Maico Ma 25 Screening Audiometer)
70512Metronidazole discs 50MCG
70513ONPG Discs [DD13]
70514OPOCHIN Discs [DD1]
70515X-FACTOR Discs [DD3]
70516V-FACTOR Discs [DD4]
70517Haemophilus Testing medium 500gm CM0898
70518Centrifuge Round Electrical : Size -6 Tubes
70519Sphygmomanometer Aneroid Palm (CE0123)
70520Dilating Forceps (Dilator Trachel)
70521Filter Funnel Magnetic Clear polysulfone with imprinted graduation code 13529-00 300 ml
70522Specimen Carrier Bag (Biological Hazard) 260 160mm, 40um,LPDE,ZIP LOCK 2000's
70523Muller Hinton Agar 500gm
70524Brain Heart Infusion broth
70526MRVP Medium
70527Lauryl Tryptone Broth 500 gm CM0451
70528Peptone Water
70529Selenite Broth Base 500 gm
70530Simmons Citrate Agar
70531Staurat Transport medium 500gm CM0111
70532Tratathionate Broth Base
70533Tryptone Soya Broth 500gm
70534Urea Agar Base 500gm CM0053
70535Sabouroud Dextrose Agar 500gm CM0041
70536Nutrient Broth granules 500g
70537Agar Base 500g GC CM0367
70538Cylinder grad 1000ml Cl.A (ea)..
70539Cylinder grad 500ml Cl. A Pk2 2/Pkt..
70540Cylinder grad 10ml Cl. APk2 2/Pkt..
70541Cylinder grad 100ml Cl. APk2 2/Pkt..
70542Cylinder grad 25ml Cl. APk2 2/Pkt..
70543Pipette volumetric 25ml Cl. A PK 6 6/Pkt..
70544Pipette volumetric 10ml Cl. A PK 6 6/Pkt..
70545Pipette volumetric 5ml Cl. A PK 6 6/Pkt..
70546Pipette volumetric 1ml Cl. A PK 12 12/Pkt..
70547Pipette volumetric 2ml Cl. A PK 12 12/Pkt..
70548Narrow neck reagent bottle, 500ml clear with stopper 10/Pkt..
70549Narrow neck reagent bottle, 500ml amber with stopper 10/Pkt..
70550Flask volumetric 10ml w/n Cl. A Pk2 2/Pkt..
70551Flask volumetric 25ml w/n Cl. A Pk2 2/Pkt..
70552Flask volumetric 100ml Cl. A Pk2 2/Pkt..
70553Flask volumetric 500ml Cl. A Pk2 2/Pkt..
70554Flask volumetric 50ml Cl. A Pk2 2/Pkt..
70555Flask volumetric 2ml trapez Cl. A Pk2 2/Pkt..
70556Kartell Wash Bottle 500ml PE..
70557Decon 90 5 Ltr..
70558UNIVERSAL TEST TUBE RACK PP 60 holes 16mm..
70559Parafilm M 38mx100mm (ea)..
70560Filtech equivalent to Whatman no 1PAPER FILTER GRADE 1803, 185MM..
70561Filtech equivalent to Whatman no 1PAPER FILTER GRADE 1803, 47MM..
70562Filtech equivalent to Whatman no 1PAPER FILTER GRADE 1803, 110MM..
70563Filtech equivalent to Whatman no 1PAPER FILTER GRADE 1803, 90MM..
70564Sharp Disposable Container 1.4 Litre
70565Sharp Disposable Container 3 Litre
70566Sharp Disposable Container 6 Litre
70567Sharp Disposable Container 10 Litre
70568Empty Plastic Container with lid 2Ltr (for liquids)..
70569Filter funnel 125ml 17D por 3 (ea)....
70570Filter Funnel Micro .45UM
70571Pipette graduated 1:0.01ml Cl. B Pk12 12/Pkt....
70572Pipette filler standard model (ea)....
70573XF2004725 (250 mL) - Analytical Stainless Steel Filter Holders for and 47mm Disc Filters..
70574Stainless Steel Filter Holder,47mm,250ml Funnel (XF2004725)
70575Glass Filter Holder,47mm, Includes a 300ml funnel, base with frit support, ,n 8 stopper, Clamp (XX1004700)
70576Glass Filter Holder with Stainless steel screen,90mm,1/Pkt (XX1009020)
70577Ground Joint Flask,1 Ltr, 1/Pkt (XX1504705)
70578Olympus Microscope Light..
70579Electronic Balance -HF 200g Max weith 210g=0.001g..
70580Water Purifier (Brian Bell)..
70581Colorimeter Corning/Digital..
70582Hand Tally Counter upto 9999 with zero reset
70583Tally Counter 5 Key..
70584Timer Interval 120min..
70585Stop Watch Mechanical..
70586Composite 20cm diameter..
70587Parafilm 50mmX76mtr..
70588Paper PH, Wide Range 0-14 100's/Pkt..
70589Burner Alchohol Spare Wick 50Pcs/Pkt Single
70590Burner Alchohol 125ml, with metal cap....
70591Potassium, De Hydroed IN..
70592Glucose & Protein In Urine..
70593Beands Glass Undrilled..
70594Pasture Pipette..
70595Teats, Droper, Latex Rubber..
70596Container Faeces 70ml with Spoon & brown cap, non sterile 550Pcs/Ctn, Single..
70597Counting Chamber Improved Neubauer Ruling..
70598Container Sterile For Serum..
70599Cover Glass For Counting Chamber..
70600Cover Slip 22X38..
70601Glass 10cm Diametre..
70602Lens Cleaning Tissues # 105, 100X150mm 25's
70603Funnel Polythene, 6cm Diameter
70604Hand Dryer Automatic 2100 Watts
70605Cylinder Measuring, Graduated T/F Boro 1Ltr
70606Cylinder Measuring, Graduated T/F Boro 2Ltr
70607Volumetric Flask 1000ml..
70608Narrow Mouth Flasks..
70609Diamond Point Pencil..
70610Disposable 15ml With Lid (100)..
70611Plain,15ml Conical..
70612Wooden Applicator Stick 150mm 1000Pcs/Box
70613Glove, Latex, Non Sterile (100) Medium..
70614Serum Samplers, Oxford 400 Series..
70615Rack With Plastic, Metal (24 Holes)..
70616Heamacue Machine, Cuvette..
70617Applicator Sticks 1000's/Pkt..
70618Breaker, Glass With Spout & Squat (100ml)..
70619Breaker, Glass With Spout & Squat (250ml)..
70620Pipette Graduated, 5ml..
70621Prussian Blue Iron Stain Kit contains (Solution A - 4% Potassium Ferrocyanide Aqueous— 250 ml Solution B - 4% Hydrochloric Acid Aqueous 250 ml Solution C - 1% Nuclear Fast Red Aqueous 250 ml )
70622Coombs Crossmatch Centrifuge
70623Clements Blood Storage Cabinet
70624Water Bath Grant 18 Ltr
70625Gallenkamp Hot Box Oven-Size 3
70626Hot Plate
70627Loop Incinerator
70628Sebtra Orbital Mixer ..Compact digital orbital shaker 50-300rpm orbit 13mm 240v 50Hz
70628AUniversal Attachment for compact orbital shaker for Sebtra Orbital Mixer
70629Water Bath Grant 5.5 Ltr
70632Commercial Fridge 700Ltr GPS Series Glass Door
70632ACommercial Fridge 1400Ltr GPS Series Glass Door
70632BCommercial Fridge 1400Ltr GPS Series Solid Door
70633Platform Shaker
70634Platelet Concentrate Locker
70635Platelet Concentrate Centrifuge, i.e Blood Bag Centrifuge
70636Silex Steam Sterilizer Small
70637Biological Safety Cabinet Class II 1.2EN with Stand
70637ABiological Safety Cabinet Class II 1.8EN with Stand
70638Vortex Mixer
70639IMI Magnetic Stirrer With Magnet
70640Portable Photometrical Hamoglobinometer DHT Hb523
70641Blood Bag Mixer
70642Blood Donor Bag Express Machine
70643Hematek Staining Machine
70644Blood Mixer Tube 5 Position roller
70645Labglass Cascade Water Distiller
70646Microscope Olympus
70646ACelestron 1000x Advanced Biological Microscope
70647Kompact Electrostatic Anaesthetic Filter-ISO Connectors 22mm and 15mm Box of 100's
70648Staphytect Plus Bulk 500 tests latex test for the identification of S.aureus (DR0850B)
70649Ea Sprotte Cannula 22G X 90mm..
70650S8 Sprotte Cannula 24G X 90mm..
70651Ea S22 Sprotte Cannula 25G X 90mm..
70652Bucket With Lid 10 Ltr..
70653Bucket With out Lid 4 Ltr..
70654Thymol Dry 100gm..
70655Bucket Without Lid 2.3 Ltr..
70656Forceps Sharp Point 150mm..
70657Slide HolderCardboard 24 Place (WETCBSH24)
70658Slide Filing Cabinet 14 Drawer Blue Capacity 6000 Slides (ASHE 43/12 BLUE)
70659Blockstore Cabinet 8 Drawer Blue Capacity 3000 Blocks (ASHE 43/22 BLUE)
70660Forceps Needle Holder
70661HCV Card Test-Rapid test for qualitative detection of antibodies to HCV (Hepatitis C Virus) in human serum/plasma 50Test
70662Dingnos Tropo -1 - Card (Detection of Troponin -In Human Serum Plasma / Blood ) Test Kit
70663Cefoxitin (FOX) 30ug..
70664Typhoid test (Rapid test for qualitative detection of antibodies to S.typhi (Igm/IgM) in human serum/plasma/whole blood) 50Test/Kit
70665Vetni Therm Adult H.M.E (Bacterial/Viral) Filter
70666HME Filter with Luer Lock (Gas sampling port , Bacterial/Viral) PMD05003/22mm F/15mm M/15mm
70667HME Filter with Luer Lock (Gas sampling port) PMD05002/22mm F/15mm M/15mm
70668Venti Therm Paediatric H.M.E Filter (Code # 8001)
70669Venti Therm Infant H.M.E Filter (Code # 8002)
70670Sharp Bin Disposbales 2 L Sqaure Yellow Plastic Autocalble
70671UN 4 G Box Complete for Infectious Substances box 12 -IATA Approved 82 mm Dia x 178 mm Height
70672Troponin T Cardiac Isoform Ab1 1 ml with BSA and Azide (Host Species Mouse IVD Certified
70673Salmonella Typhi O group D 9,12 Stained Susps 5 ml
70674Salmonella typhi H antigen, 5ml (Cat# FA/002)
70675Salmonella H paratyphi A antigen, 5ml (Cat# FA/004)
70676Salmonella H paratyphi B antigen, 5ml (Cat# FA/006)
70677Salmonella H paratyphi C antigen, 5ml (Cat# FA/008)
70678Salmonella typhi O antigen, 5ml (Cat# FA/010)
70679Salmonella O paratyphi A antigen, 5ml (Cat# FA/012)
70680Salmonella O paratyphi B antigen, 5ml (Cat# FA/014)
70681Salmonella O paratyphi C antigen, 5ml (Cat# FA/016)
70682Brucella Abortus antigen, 5ml (Cat# FA/018)
70683Brucella Melitensis Antigen, 5ml (Cat# FA/020)
70684Proteus OX2 Antigen, 5ml (Cat# FA/022)
70685Proteus OX19 Antigen, 5ml (Cat# FA/024)
70686Proteus OXK Antigen, 5ml (Cat# FA/026)
70687Positive Polyvalent febrile control, 0.5ml (Cat# FA/030)
70688Negetive Febrile Control, 0.5ml, (Cat# FA/032)
70689Febrile Antigen Test Kit containing 8x5ml Antigen (Cat# FA/040)
70690Febrile Antigen Test Kit containing 8x5ml Antigens, 8x5ml + controls (Cat# FA/042),
70691Streptococcal Antigen Test Kit (one step, Rapid, Laterial Flow Chromatographic Immunoassay designed for qualitative detection of Group A Streptococcal Antigen from throat swab specimen or confirmation of presumptive Group A Streptococcal colonies recov...
70692Streptococcal Latex Test Kit, 50 test (Cat# STE/010)
70693Staphylococal Latex Test Kit, 100 test (Cat# STA/012)
70694Staphylococal Latex Test Kit, 300 test (Cat# STA/020)
70695Direct Monoclonal Pregnancy Latex. Sensitivity 200 iu/l HCG, 50 Test (Cat# DPT/010)
70696Direct Monoclonal Pregnancy Latex. Sensitivity 200 iu/l HCG, 100 Test (Cat# DPT/012)
70697Pregnancy One Step Immunoassay. Sensitivity:25 iu/l HCG, Tube of 25 strips (Cat# PT025)
70698Pregnancy One Step Immunoassay. Sensitivity:25 iu/l HCG, Box/50
70699ASO Latex Test kit, 50 test (Cat# ASO 010)
70700ASO Latex Test Kit, 100 Test (Cat# ASO/012)
70701CRP Latex Test Kit, 50 Test (Cat# CRP/010)
70702CRP Latex Test Kit, 100 Test (Cat# CRP/012)
70703RA Latex Test Kit, 50 Test (Cat# RA/010)
70704RA Latex Test Kit, 100 Test (Cat# RA/010)
70705VDRL Carbon Antigen, 1x5ml (Cat# CA/010)
70706VDRL Carbon Antigen, 1x10ml (Cat# CA/012)
70707VDRL Carbon Antigen, 1Litre (Cat# CA/015)
70708Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR) test kit, 100 Test (Cat# RPR/010)
70709Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR) test kit, 500 Test (Cat# RPR/012)
70710TPHA Test Kit, 100 Test (Cat# TPHA/010)
70711TPHA Test Kit, 200 Test (Cat# TPHA/020)
70712TPHA Test Kit, 1000 Test (Cat# TPHA/100)
70713Rotavirus Latex Test Kit, 100 Test (Cat# ROV/012)
70714E. Coil 0157 Latex Test Kit, 100 Test (Cat# ECO/012)
70715s-LE Latex Test Kit, 100 Test (Cat# SLE/012)
70716Infectious Monoucleosis Latex Test Kit, 100 Test (Cat# IM012)
70717Blood Grouping Antisera-Anti A Monoclonal, 5ml (Cat# ABO/005)
70718Blood Grouping Antisera - Anti A Monoclonal, 10ml (Cat# ABO/010)
70719Blood Grouping Antisera - Anti B Monoclonal, 5ml (Cat# ABO/015)
70720Blood Grouping Antisera - Anti B Monoclonal, 10ml (Cat# ABO/020)
70721Blood Grouping Antisera - Anti AB Monoclonal, 5ml (Cat# ABO/025)
70722Blood Grouping Antisera - Anti AB Monoclonal, 10ml (Cat# ABO/030)
70723Blood Grouping Antisera - Anti D Monoclonal, 5ml (Cat# RH/005)
70724Blood Grouping Antisera - Anti D Monoclonal, 10ml (Cat# RH/010)
70725Blood Grouping Antisera - Anti Human Globulin Polyspecific, 5ml (Cat# AHG/005)
70726Blood Grouping Antisera - Anti Human Globulin Polyspecific, 10ml (Cat# AHG/010)
70727Blood Grouping Antisera - Bovine Albumin 22%, 5ml (cat# BA/015)
70728Blood Grouping Antisera - Bovine Ablumin 22%, 10ml (Cat# BA/020)
70729Blood Grouping Antisera - Bovine Albumin 30%, 5ml (Cat# BA/025)
70730Blood Grouping Antisera - Bovine Albumin 30%, 10ml (Cat# BA/030)
70731Blood Grouping Antisera - Anti D lgG/lgM Monoclonal, 5ml (Cat# RH/015)
70732Blood Grouping Antisera - Anti D lgG/lgM Monoclonal, 10ml (Cat# RH/020)
70733Rare Blood Sera, Anti-E, 5ml (Cat# RS/05E)
70735Rare Blood Sera, Anti-C, 5ml (Cat# RS/05C)
70737Rare Blood Sera, Anti-CDE, 10ml (Cat# RS/10CDE)
70738ABO System - Lectin Reagents, Anti A1 (Dolichos Biflorus), 5ml (Cat# RS/05A1)
70739ABO System - Lectin Reagents, Anti H (Ulex europaeus) 2ml (Cat# RS/02H)
70740Human Grouping Serum, Anti-s 2ml (Cat# RS/02s)
70742Human Grouping Serum, Anti Fya 2ml (Cat# RS/02Fya)
70743Human Grouping Serum, Anti Fyb 2ml (Cat# RS/02Fyb)
70744Human Grouping Serum, Anti k 2ml (Cat# RS/02k)
70745Human Grouping Serum, Anti Kpa 2ml (Cat# RS/02Kpa)
70746Human Grouping Serum, Anti Kpb 2ml (Cat# RS/02Kpb)
70747Human Grouping Serum, Anti Jka 2ml (Cat# RS/02Jka)
70748Human Grouping Serum, Anti Jkb 2ml (Cat# RS/02Jkb)
70749Human Grouping Serum, Anti Lua 2ml (Cat# RS/02Lua)
70750Human Grouping Serum, Anti Lub 2ml (Cat# RS/02Lub)
70751Monoclonal Grouping Reagents, Anti Kell 10ml (Cat# RS/10K)
70752Monoclonal Grouping Reagents, Anti Lea 2ml (Cat# RS/02Lea)
70753Monoclonal Grouping Reagents, Anti Leb 2ml (Cat# RS/02Leb)
70754Monoclonal Grouping Reagents, Anti P1 2ml (Cat# RS/02P1)
70755Control Reagents, Rh Control Serum, Anti Human Globulin Reagent - Rabbit / Monoclonal Blended AHG 10ml (Cat# RS/10Rh)
70756Control Reagents, Anti - lgG AHG (Clear) 10ml (Cat# AHG/010C)
70757Control Reagents, Anti - HumanC3d Monoclanol 2ml (Cat# RS/02C3d)
70758Phosphate Buffered Saline Tablets 25's (Cat# PBS/025)
70759Papaine 10ml (Cat# PAP/010)
70760Bromelain 10ml (Cat# BRO/010)
70761Low Ionic Strenght Concentrate 500ml (Cat# LISS/500C)
70762Low Ionic Strenght Saline Working Solution 10ml (Cat# LISS/010R)
70763LISS Additive 10ml (Cat# LISS/010A)
70764PEG Additive 10ml (Cat# PEG/010A)
70765Sharp Disposable Container 1.7 Litre
70766Sharp Disposable Container 4 & 4.5 Litre
70767Pre-set sampling unit with matched weight filters – Aerosol Analysis Monitor (37mm) 0.8um MAWP037AM ..
70768Matched weight pair of 0.8 micron filters..Pre-set sampling unit with matched weight filters – Aerosol Analysis Monitor (37mm) 0.45um MHWP037A0 ..
70769Comprises 0.45 micron Filter HAWP040M – MF Matched-Weight Membrane Pairs, 0.45 µm, mixed cellulose esters, 47 mm, white
70770Comprises 0.45 micron Filter (3) AAWP0470M - MF Matched-Weight Membrane Pairs, 0.8 µm, mixed cellulose esters, 47 mm, white....
70771Comprises 0.45 micron Filter (4) XF2004710 (100mL) Analytical Stainless Steel Filter Holders for and 47 mm Disc Filters..
70772Stainless steel Filter Holder with stainless steel screen XX6200006P - Forceps....
70773Filter forcep XX6702500 - Filterjet Solvent Dispenser, 25 mm (Lab pressure gun for dispensing)
70774Filter forcep XX6602500 - Solvent Filtering Dispenser, 25 mm (More infield use dispenser)
7077525mm Solvent Filtering Dispenser XX1004705 (1L) Vacuum filtering flask..
7077625mm Solvent Filtering Dispenser (XX1004744 (4L) - Vacuum filtering flask
7077725mm Solvent Filtering Dispenser..PD1504700 - PetriSlides for contamination analysis
70778Vacuum Filtering Flask and petrislide Fluids Contamination Kit – Example (XX7104712)..
70779Vacuum Filtering Flask and petrislide Patch Test Kit – Example (XX6504730)..
70780Diathery Scratch Pad (E2401) 100/Box (Code 26074AN)
70781Diathermy Pencils Re-Usable, E2100
70782One step hCG sera reagent for detection of HCG (Rapid test for Qualitative detection of hCG in human urine) 40tests/Kit..
70783One Step Vibrio Cholera Test is a rapid and convenient immunochromatographic in vitro assay. 10's/Pkt..
70784One Step Vibrio Cholera O1 Ogawa (VC O1) Test is a rapid and convenient immunochromatographic in vitro assay. 10's/Pkt..
70785One Step Vibrio Cholera O1 Inaba (VC O1) Test is a rapid and convenient immunochromatographic in vitro assay...
70786 One Step Vibrio Cholera O139 (VC O139) Test is a rapid and convenient immunochromatographic in vitro assay...
70787HEPA (HBsAg)Card (Sensitivity 0.5ng/ml) (An Immunochromatography assay for the Rapid Visaual Detection of (HBsAg) in Serum or Plasma 50Tests/kit..
70788Streptococcus pneumoniae Antigen Card 22Tests/Pkt
70789Beta-Lactamase touch sticks 100's/Pkt
70790Oxoid* Dehydrated Culture Media,Thioglycollate Medium, Brewer, 500gm
70791Culture tube disposable 13X100mm rimless 250Pcs/Pkt Borosilicate Glass..
70792Culture tube disposable 16X150mm rimless 250Pcs/Pkt Borosilicate Glass..
70793Cooked Meat Medium 500gm DM119D..
70794Streptomycin 10mcg Discs 5X50 Discs..
70795Carbencillin 100mcg Discs 5X50 Discs..
70796Kanamycin 30mcg Discs 5X50 Discs..
70797Gentamycin 30mcg Discs 5X50 Discs..
70798Streptolysin 'O' Latex Test Kit 25Tests/Kit (Wampole Colour Card Streptozyme)..
70799Wampole Colour Card Streptozyme 50Tests/Kit (A Color-Enhanced Slide Test for the Rapid Qualitative and Semi-Quantitative Detection of Antibodies to Streptococcal Extracellular Antigents in Serum, Plasma and Peripheral Blood)..
70800Pefloxacin 5mcg PEF (CT0661B) 5X50 Sensitivity Discs/Pkt..
70801Ampicillin 2mcg AMP (CT0002B) 5X50 Sensitivity Discs/Pkt..
70802Vancomycin 5mcg VA (CT0188B) 5X50 Sensitivity Discs/Pkt..
70803Penicillin G 1iu P (CT0152B) 5X50 Sensitivity Discs/Pkt..
70804Meropenem 10mcg MEM (CT0774B) 5X50 Sensitivity Discs/Pkt..
70805Amoxycillin/Clavulanic Acid (Augmentin) 3mcg AMC (CT0538B) 5X50 Sensitivity Discs/Pkt..
70806Nitrate Test Kits (NO3) 100's/Pkt (Methode-kolorimetrisch mit teststabchen 10-500mg/I NO3)....
70807Nitrate Test Kits (0.5-1-2-5-10 mg/l N02) 100's/Pkt....
70808Nitrate Test Kits (2.5-10-20-40-80 mg/l N02) 100's/Pkt..
70809Nitrate Test Kits (0.1-0.3-0.6-1-2-3 g/l N02) 100's/Pkt....
70810Ceftazidime 10mcg CAZ 5X50 Sensitivity Discs/Pkt....
70811Perchloric acid 70% AR, Premium Grade 2.5L
70812Hydroxylamine hydrochloride, reagent grade, ACS, ISO 1 kg
708134-Nitrophenol 500gm
70814Tin (II) chloride dihydrate AR 500gm
708154,4'-Diantipyrylmethane Monohydrate [for Ti Analysis] 25gm
70816Zinc acetate dihydrate AR 500gm
70817Ammonium fluoride AR 500gm
70818Sodium fluoride powder AR 500gm
70819Bismuth nitrate pentahydrate AR 500gm
70820Ammonium Persulphate, A.R, 500g..
70821Potassium Iodate, A.R, 500g..
70822Ammonium Ceric Sulphate 0.1N, 500ml..
71000SPAN- Rapid Flow Test for Anti HIV1/2 in Serum and plasma 50 Test per pack
71001SPAN-Rapid Lateral Flow Test Hep B in serum and plasma 50 Test/Pack
71002SPAN-VCV Rapid flow test for Hep C (Anti core E1/E2/NS/NS4/NS5) In plasma and serum 50 Test/Kit
71003SPAN-Crystal TP Rapid Test kit for detection of antibodies to treponema in serum and plasma 20 Test/Kit
71004SPAN-Rheumatoid Factor latex aggluttination slide test for qualitative detection and Semi quantative detection RF 20 Test/Kit
71005WIDAL Test Stained Salmonella Anitgen Test S Typhi 'O' and S Typhi 'H' 2+2X5ml and Positive Control 1x0.5ml
71006CRP Latex Test Kit 25's (Reagent 1 : CRP Latex Antigen, Reagent 2 : Positive Control , Reagent 3 : Neagative Control) with Disposable Plastic Slides,Rubber Teats,Disposable Applicator Sticks, Disposable Plastic Droppers.
71006AASO Latex Test Kit 25's (Reagent 1 : ASO Latex Antigen, Reagent 2 : Positive Control , Reagent 3 : Neagative Control) with Disposable Plastic Slides,Rubber Teats,Disposable Applicator Sticks, Disposable Plastic Droppers
71007ASOT Kit ( 20 x 5 ) 100's..Anti Streptolysin test..
71008SPAN-Widal test (Stained Salmonella Antigen Set For Rapid Slide and Tube Tests) (2 x 5ml-H ; 2 x 5 Ml -O )
71009Sensitivity Disc Penicillin G 2 U (CT0088 B) 5 Cartridges/Pkt (50 Disc/Cartridge)
71010Soda Lime (Sofnolime 2.5-5.0 mm Granules ) carbon Diaxide Absorbent 5 Kg/Pktsorbent
71011Liston Amputating Knief 8
71012Miltex Tendon FCPS (REF-27-1016)
71013Liston Blau Bone FCPS Straight
71014Langenbeck Saw (Ref # 27-1550)
71015Camplyobacter Medium 500GM
71016SPAN-Widal test (Stained Salmonella Antigen set for Rapid Slide and Tube tests 8X5ml)
71017Phenol 99% aq sol 1 ltr
71018Potassium Chromate 500 gm
71019Acetone 2.5 Litre
71020Ammonium Oxalate 500 gm
71021Crystal Violet 25 gm
71022Calcium Hypochlorite 70% Granular Per Kg, Packed on ISPM pallets (min 800kg order) ....
71023Tolune Sulphonic Acid )Toluene 4 sulfonic acid monohydrate, synthesis grade)..
71024Trichloroethylene 280 Kg Drum Pirce per Kg
71025Toluene -206 Litre Dums Price per Litre
71026Glycerine 250 Kg Drums Price per KG
71027RHEUMATIOD Factor Lates Test Kit (RA Test Kit)..Regent 1, (v gamma globulin),Regent 2 (positve control) , Regent 3 (negative control) with glass slide teats, disposble applictor sticks and plastic droppers 50's
71028Rheumatoid factor Latex 25Tests/Kit..
71029Ammonium Hydroxide (Ammonium hydroxide, 28-30% solution in water, ACS reagent) 500gm..
71030Ether (Diethyl ether, RCI Premium grade, stabilized with BHT) 2.5Ltr..
71031Sodium hydrogen carbonate for analysis EMSURE ACS,Reag. Ph EUR 500gm..
71032Ammonium Acetate AR 500gm..
71033Buffer Borate pH 9 (Buffer solution pH 9.2, Borate buffer, traceable to NIST, ready to use) 1Ltr..
71034Distilled Water (Water, purified (by de-ionisation)) 10Ltr..
71035Acetic Ahhydrate/Dioxin(Acetic anhydride AR EUD Required, Account Cus ONLY) 500ml..
71036Imidazole 500gm..
71037Mercuric Chloride (Mercury (II) chloride powder AR) 500gm..
71038Tetrahydrofuran R (Tetrahydrofuran, RCI Premium grade, stabilized with BHT) 2.5Ltr..
71039Tuberculin PPD Diluted 5 TU/0.1 Ml 5 ml
71040Tuberculin PPD Diluted 10 TU/0.1 Ml 5 ml
71041BD Blood Culture Broths Plus Aerobic/F(Adults)30ml , 50/Box..
71042BD Blood Culture Broths Lytic/10Anaerobic/F(Adults)30ml , 50/Box..
71043BD Blood Culture Broths Plus Anaerobic40ml , 50/Box..
71044BD Blood Culture Broths Plus Aerobic/F(Paed)40ml , 50/Box..
71045Nitric Acid 68% w/w 200 Litre Drum TG NT001-280KG
71110BACTEC MGIT TBc Identification Kit (Pkt of 25 Tests)
71111Dengue 1gG/1gM SD Bio line
71112Timer Count up and down 4 Channel Labco
71113Eskie for laboratory
71114Orion AQUA fast AQ3700 Colorimeter,6 Wavelength multi-parameter meter with carry case 3X24mm vials 3X16mm vials Cleaning brush 16mm and 13mm adapters users guide (ORIAQ3700W)..
71115SpectroDirect single beam spectrophotometer includes power supply and serial cable (TIN712000)..
71116Orion AQUAMate 8000 UV/vis spectrophotometer with preprogrammed methods on USB 240VAC/50HZ/single phase (ORIAQ8000)..
71118Forcep davis 8 inch Thoracic Tissues
71119Pap Smear Kit (Rapid) 250's/Pkt..
71120Acid Alcohol Strong Solution 5% 1 Litre Cat # 520-001
71121Methylene Blue Stain 1% 1 Litre Cat # 628-001-1
71122Carbol Fuchsin Stain 0.5% 1 Litre Cat # 618-001
71123Phenolic Disinfectant - Hospital Grade 5 Litre
71124Lysol 1 % 1 Litre..
71998Anti TB Drugs 4 FDC Kit (Rifa 150 mg + INH 75 mg+ Pyr 400 mg + Eth 275 mg) 24 x 28= 672 Tablet
71999Anti TB Combination Kit Pills Cat I and III (168 Tab RH 150/H75/Z400/E275) and 336 Tab R150/H75)
72000Charcol Bacteriological 500gm
72002Periodic Acid 50% 100gm
72104Mercuric II Chloride 250 gm
72111Millipore Filters .45Um, 47 Mm White Plain Pack of 100's Cat : PM 115
72112Millipore Swinnex Filter Holder, 25mm, 12/Pk (SX0002500)
72113Millipore Swinnex Filter Holder, 47mm. Combinatopn female Luer slip and 1/4 NPTM inlet and O.D outlet. (SX0004700)
72114Bottle PP 2L , Grad w/n 100ml grad, 55mm Mouth GL63
72115Plate Count Agar 500Gm
72116Meat Extract Agar 500Gm
72117Azide Dextrose Broth 500gm (Cat 7383)
72118Tube Wintrobe Glass115 x 3 mm Diam for Blood Sedimentation 200 /Pkt
72119Plastic Slide Folder White Pack Size of 10 ; 3 Ring Binder
72120Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) 2.5 L
72121Test tube Cap Anodised Aluminium with Chrome Nikle Spring 19-20mm Gold-Yellow
72122Tube Test cap for Anodised Aluminium with Chrome nickle Spring 12-13 mm Green
72123LES (M-ENDO) Agar PP2042 10/Pkt
72126MFC Agar PP2187 10/Pkt ..
72127Wire ni-chrome 0.5mm 100gm
72128Loop Inoculating PC Colourles 1ul 1000/Box
72129Loop Inoculation 10ug Sterilie, 20mm long , 1000's
72130Loop Wire 1.5mm Diameter
72131Loop Wire 2.5mm Diameter
72132Basket Wire 150x150x150mm
72133Potato Dextrose Agar 500Gm (Cat 7418)
72134Filter Flask 1 Litre (Waste collection Flask) Milipore code 546-53
72135m-Endo Ampoules Cat MHA000P2E 50/Pack
72136m-FC With Rosalic Acid Cat MHA000P2F 50/Pack
72137Total count M-HPC Liquid Media Ampoule 2 ml Cat MHS 000P2S
72138Agglutinating sera for Microbio- Salmonella Vi 2 ml
72139Cryptococcus Antigen Latex Test Kits 25Tests/Kit
72140Agglutinating Sera for Microbio- Salmonella 9-O (30957301 ZC17)
72144Petri dish 90x15 mm Manual Vented 600's with Stacking rim sleeves 30 x 20's
72145Petri Dish PS 90x15 mm Sterile Vented 600's Stacking rim Sleeves Full Plate 30 x 20's
72146Petri Dish 90x15mm Manual Half Plate 600's vented with Stacking rim Sleeves 30 x 20's
72147Petri Dish 90x15mm Sterile half plate box of 500 Manual Vented with Stacking Rim sleeves of 20X30/Ctn Single
721484 - Dimethylaminobenzaldehyde 500gm
72149Methyl Red -Voges Proskuer 500gm..
72150XLD Mediua 500gm
72152Shigella Antigen (1-6)
72153Agglutinating Sera for Microbio Shigella Poly (1-6) 2ml
72154DCA media 500gm..
72157Bile Salt Agar 500 Gm
72159Peptone Bacteriological Agar 500gm
72160Cary Blair Transport Medium 500gm (Cat 7393)
72162Brilliant Green Bile 2% Broth 500gm
72165THYMOL,DRY 500G..
72166Alpha Nepthol 250gm Synthesis Grade
72167Ammonium Sulphate AR Grade 500gm
72168Selenite Salt 500gm
72169Heavy Duty Gloves for Pathology Laboratory Pair
72170Aluminium Hydroxide LR Gragde 500gm
72172Aluminium Sulphate AR 500gm
72173Activated Charcol 500gm
72174N Acetyl L cysteine 98% 250gm
72177Citric Acid Anhydreous 500gm
72179Salmonella Typhi-H..Flagellar antigen d (R30855001 SS01)
72180Neutral Red Stain 500ml
72181Buffer tab ph 7.2, 100's
72182Borax( sodium tetraborate Decahydrate) 500gm
72183Oil of Immersion 100ml
72184Phenylaneline 500 Gm
72186Mercuric Oxide Yellow 100gm
72187Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate 500gm
72188Sodium Bi-Carbonate 500gm
72189Potasium Metabisulphite 500gm
72190Potassium iodide for analysis EMSURE ISO,Reag. Ph Eur 500gm
72191Silver nitrate for analysis EMSURE ACS,ISO,Reag. Ph Eur 100gm
72192Potassium carbonate for analysis EMSURE ACS,ISO,Reag. Ph Eur 500gm
72194Potassium hydroxide pellets for analysis EMSURE 1kg
72195Potassium chloride for analysis EMSURE 500gm..
72196Buffer Solution (PH 10.0) 500ml..reagoecon Buffer
72197Buffer Solution (PH 7.00) 500 ml Reagoecom Buffer
72198Buffer Solution (PH 4.00) 500 ml Reagecon Buffer
72199Mercuric Oxide Red 25gm
72200Sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate for analysis EMSURE ACS,ISo,Reag. Ph Eur 500gm..
72201Di Sodium Tetraborate 500gm
72202Benchtop PH meter water analysis instrument with Ross ultra refillable triode for meters including all in one Ross pH buffer kit..
72203Magensium Chloride 500gm
72204Magnesium Sulphate 500gm
72205Sulfuric acid 98% for analysis EMSURE 2.5L
72207Eradasol 207 Stain Remover 500ml
72208Camplobacter sel. Supplement
72209VITOX Supp.+Recont Fluid
72210BLOOD Agar500gm Base NO.2 CMO 271
72212Anaerobe Basal Agar
72214Triple Sugar Iron Agar 500gm
72217Mccartney bottle Universal, 28ml 144' Single Pcs
72218McCartney Bottle 14ml, 288's Single Pcs
72219McCartney Bottle 7ml, BIJOU, 288's Single Pcs
72220Di-Sodium Hydrogen Ortho phosphate heptahydrate AR 500gm (Sodium phosphate Diabasic)
72221Tri Sodium citrate AR 500gm
72222Finntip Yellow 0.2-200ul 1000's/Pkt
72223Finntip 5-200ul Yellow racked (40Pkts*96Pcs)/Ctn..
72224Pipette Transfer 3ml Graduated sterile , 500/Box
72225Anarobe Basal Broth
72226Biological Hazard Spill Kit 2.75 Ltr
72227Safety Glass Tsunami Clear
72229Sodium Metabisulphite 98% 1 Tonne
72230Mercurical Self Measuring Bp
72231Aluminium Chloride Anhydrous 500gms
72232Aluminium Chloride Hydated (100gm)
72233Barium Sulphate for white standard DIN 5033 250gm
72234di-Sodium Tetraborate for analysis (ca,85% Na 2b4O7) 250gm
722351-Butanol for analysis EMSURE ACS,ISO,Reag,Ph Eur 1Ltr
72236Calcium Carbonate precipitated for analysis EMSURE Reag.Ph Eur 1Kg
72237Calcium Chloride (6-water 500gm)
72238Calcium Hyperchlorite for synthesis 500gm
72239Calcium Oxide from marble small lumps 3-20mm 1Kg (small lumps not powder)
72240Cerium (IV) sulfate tetrahydrate for analysis EMSURE 25gm
72241Copper 11 chloride dihydrate for analysis EMSURE ACS,Reag,Ph Eur 250gm
72242Citric acid monohydrate for analysis EMSURE ACS,ISO,Reag.Ph Eur 500gm
72243Copper 11 Ethanedate (1-water copper acetate 100gm)
72244Copper 11 Oxide poder for analysis EMSURE ACS 100gm
72245Copper Metal (turnings L4X500gm)
72246Coppermetal Foil about 0.1mm thickness 250gm
72247D-Camphor referecne substance for gas chromatography 5gm
72248p-Xylene for synthesis 2.5 Ltr
72249Acetic acid 99-100% for synthesis 2.5 Ltr
72250n-Hexane for analysis EMSURE ACS 1 Ltr
72251Iron III Oxide 500gm
72252Lead II acetate trihydrate for analysis EMSURE ACS, Reag.Ph Eur 250 gm
72253Lead coarse powder GR for analysis 1 Kg
72254Manganese (IV) oxide powder 1 kg
72255Magnesium Sulphate heptahydrate for analysis EMSURE ACS, Reag.Ph Eur 500gm
72256Mercury II oxide red extra pure 100gm
722581-(Chloromethyl)naphthalene for synthesis 100 gm
72259Nickel II Nitrate hexahydrate for analysis EMSURE ACS 100gm
72260Nickle II Sulphate hexahydrate extra pure 1 Kg
72261n-Amyl alcohol (Pentan-1-01) for analysis EMSURE 1 Kg
72262Potassium hydrogen carbonate for analysis EMSURE ACS 500gm
72263Potassium permanganate cryst. extra pure 1kg
72264Glycerol for analysis EMSURE ACS,Reag. Ph Eur 1L
722652-Propanol for analysis EMSURE ACS,ISO,Reag. Ph Eur 1L
72266Sodalime with indicator, granules~1-2.5mm 500gm
72267Sodium sulfate decahydrate for analysis EMSURE ACS,Reag. Ph Eur 1kg
72268Sulphur 1 Kg
722691,1,1-trichloroethane for analysis EMSURE 2.5L
72270Zinc oxide for analysis EMSURE ACS,Reag. Ph Eur 500gm
72271Beaker (Polypropylen, Straight Side 100ml)
72272Beaker (Polypropylen, Tripour Stacking 250ml)
72273Beaker 50ml grad low form Pk10 10Pk
72274Beaker 100ml grad low form Pk10 10Pk
72275Beaker 600ml grad low for Pk10 10Pk
72276Beaker 1ltr grad low form Pk10 10Pk
72277Beehive Shelves 100ml
72278Bottle 250ml amber glass (ea) 1 Ea
72279Bottle-Reagent, Ground Glass Neck (mmx500ml)
72280Stopcock 50ml lateral (ea) 1 Ea
72281Burner (Bunsen)
72282Burner (Merker)
72283Burner (Semi Micro)
72284Condenser (Air, Plain)
72285Condensers (Liebig, Short)
72286Conductivity Meter
72287Conductivity Meter Cell
72288Crucible Pocelain 50ml
72289Electrode Sets (Copper pk/10)
72290Electrode Sets (Graphite)
72291Electrode Sets (Lead)
72292Electrode Sets (Platinum Foil LR 10cm)
72293Dish evaporating 170ml + spout Pk10 10Pk
72294Flask Boiling (24/29 Ground Glass Joints 250ml)
72295Flask - Conical wide neck 250ml
72296Flask - Conical narrow neck 500ml
72297Flask RB 250ml 24/29 Pk10 10Pk
72298Filter flask 250ml hose connect Pk10 10Pk
72299Filter flask 1ltr hose connect Pk10 10Pk
72300Methanol Dry Reagent Gr 1 Ltr
72301Flask RB 1ltr n/n Pk10 10Pk
72302Flask volumetric 250ml CI. A Pk2 2/Pkt
72303Funnerl (Filter-Polythene Large)
72304Funnel (Filter-Polythene Pk/10 Medium)
72305Separating funnel 50ml conical (ea) 1 Ea
72306Cylinder grad 50ml CI. A Pk2 2/Pkt
72307Cylinder grad 1000ml PP CI. B PK 5 5Pk
72308Ph Meter (Small Portable Types)
72309Ethanol (Rectified 500gm)
72310Ethyl acetate for analysis EMSURE ACS,ISO,Reag. Ph Eur 2.5L
72311Iodine sublimated for analysis EMSURE ACS,ISO,Reag. Ph Eur 100gm
72312Iron(II) sulfate heptahydrate for analysis EMSURE ACS,ISO,Reag. Ph Eur 500gm
72313Iron(II) sulfide sticks ~ 1cm 1kg
72314Lead foil for analysis about 0.25mm thick EMSURE 500gm..
72315Lead(II) nitrate for analysis EMSURE ACS,Reag. Ph Eur 1Kg
72316Lead(IV) oxide for analysis EMSURE 250gm
72317Lithium (sticks) (protective liquid: parafin oil) for synthesis 25gm
72318Magnesium hydroxide carbonate for analysis EMSURE 250gm
72319Magnesium turnings acc. to Grinard for synthesis 250gm
72320Mercury for analysis and for polarography EMSURE 250gm
72321Methyl orange (C.I. 13025) indicator ACS,Reag. Ph Eur 25gm
72322Nickel Sheet - Thin 100gm
72323Phenolphalein indicator ACS,Reag. Ph Eur 25gm
72324Phosphorous (red) (stabilised) for synthesis 100gm
72325Potassium nitrate for analysis EMSURE ISO,Reag. Ph Eur 500gm (smallest pack size avail)
72327Sodium nitrate for analysis EMSURE ACS,ISO,Reag. Ph Eur 500gm
72328Tin granulated for analysis (particle size about 4mm) EMSURE Reag. Ph Eur 250gm
72329Tin Foil about 0.04mm thick 200 strips
72330pH-indicator solution pH 4.0-10.0 Universal Indicator with colour car pH 4.0-4.5-5.0-5.5-6.0-6.5-7.5-8.0-8.5-9.0-9.5-10.0
72331Zinc foil 250gm
72332Zinc granulated for analysis, particle size about 3-8mm EMSURE ISO 1kg
72333Tanin TN1 Reagent 65ml
72334Combined Phosphate Reagent 65ml
72335Silica S14 Reagent 65ml
72336silica S15 Reagent 65ml
72337PH Indicator Strip 0-14
72338Alkalinity Reagent PA6 65ml
72339NR Reagent 65ml
72340Alkalinity Titrant TA3 65ml
72341Sodium Carbonate anhydrous for analysis EMSURE ISO 500gm
72342di-Sodium Tetraborate anhydrous for analysis 250gm
72343Titriplex III GR for analysis (ethylenedinitrilotetraacetic acid, diSodium Salt dihydrate) ACS ISO Reg Ph Eur 100gm
72344Sodium Silicate solution extra pure 2.5L
72345Penta-Sodium triphosphate for BOD determination acc to DIN 38409-H-51 1kg
72346Ammonia Solution 28-30% for analysis EMSURE ACS Reag Ph Eur 2.5 Ltr
72347Sodium Borate (BORASA7300) on ISPM Pallets 48X25Kg Per pallet , Per/1000KG
72348Sodium Carbonate (SOCARB5000) on ISPM Pallets 48X25kg per pallet, Per/1000KG
72349EDTA (EDTATS7600) on ISPM pallets 48X25kg per pallet , Per/1000Kg
72350Sodium Tripolyphosphate (SOTRIP9000) on ISPM Pallets 48X25kg per pallet , Per/1000kg
72351Citrnonella Oil 1 kg
72352CDEA (Cocodiethanolamide) (CODIET 4000) on ISPM Pallets 4X200kg Drums per pallet , 1 Kg
72353Methanol Hplc Gr 4Ltr
72354Xylene AR 500Ml
72355Ethanol Alcohol Undenatured 100% , 20 Ltr
72356UVBB Bigboy Series Cap/Sump
72357Sediment F/Cartridge 5MIC 20BB 330033117
72358Cartridge Carbon RFC20BB
72359Pura UV Lamp 20 Model 3602018
72360Quartz Sleeve for Big boy
72361Pura Wrench for Bigboy
72362UVBB-3 15GPM Bigboy 15830231
72363Hydrated Lime (Powder) 50kg/Bag
72364Nitric Acid 70% AR 500 ml..
72365Parasoline Chloride 500gm..
72366Hematoxyline Pure 500 Gm..
72367Cryo Rack 81 Place
72368Universal Container 30ml PS flat base yellow PE 100's/Pkt, Single
72369EF- Chlor Tablet (Water Purification Tablets not for medical use) 200Tabs/Bottle
72370Loop Holder 130mm
72371Cap for 7ml&14ml. McCartney Bottle, rubber lines, 100's..
72372McCartney Bottle Cap 28ml, rubber lined 100's..
72373Rack Test Tubes wire 25mm tubes 4*10 array 40Holes..
72374Haematology Analyzer BIHB300023 Parameters fully Auto
72375Semi Auot Biochemistry Analyzer BIHC3000
72376Biochemistry Analyzer Full Auto BIHC200
72377Potassium cyanide KCN ..
74001Over all for Ebola -Yellow Impervious Gown woth Stockinet Cuff ( 50 /Carton) Price per Gown BP/USP
74002Overall -EN14126 Ebola (EVD) and EN 13982-1 (Dry Particles), EN1149-1 (Anti Static) Gowns Disposable
74904HP CE278a/Lj P1606Dn Toner MF 1536
75000Stomacher Food Blender Bags 500/Pkt
75001Tube 5ml PC Flat base natural PP Screw cap, 2000's 16mm Dia X 51mm H..
75002Stomacher bag Clips Fits all Seward Stomacher Bags 200/Cs
75003Vaccutainer Tube EDTA 4 ml 13x75 mm Plastic Lavender 100/Pkt BD367861
75004Vaccutainer Tube Serum 2ml 100/Pkt Plastic BD368492
75005Vacutainer Serum Blood Collection Tubes 4ml 13X75mm 100's/Pkt BD Ref 365078
75006Vaccutainer Needle FG-22 100's
75007Laboratory Coat Size Medium (Full White)
75007ALaboratory Coat Size Large (Full White)
75007BLaboratory Coat Size Small (Full White)..
75008BD Vacutainer Precisionglide 22g X 1 (0.7 X 25mm) 100/Pkt
75009Vacutainer Serum Plus Blood Collection Tubes 10ml 16X100mm 100's/Pkt BD Ref 367820..
75009AVacutainer Serum Blood Collection Tubes 6ml 13X100mm 100's/Pkt BD Ref 367815
75010Vaccutainer EDTA 2ML. BD ref no.367836
75011Vial Cryogenic 2ml PP with HDPE screw cap sterile pack 100's Single Pcs
75012Spatulla SS, 185mm, weighing double end
75013Weigh Boat Square 80x80mm 100ml capacity, 250's
75014Bottle Wash Integral 500ml
75015Dispenser Bottle Top 0.5-5ML , Supplied with 5 Adapters
75016Rack TT 72X16mm dia tubes 60 places
75017Stirrer Magnetic Hotplate 135mm dia., max stirring vol 20L speed range 100-1500RPM speed display LCD Digital RS232 Inerface IP42 protection, Max magnetic bar 80mm, Sensor Temp PT1000 230mm
75018Rack Test Tubes 25mm tubes 24 holes Plastic Rack
75019AWater Proof Marker Pens (Laboratory Use)
75020Centrifuge Tube 50ml PP 29mmDiax115mmLong, sterile, flat cap, conical Bottom, 500's
75021Reagent Bottle GL45neck, 250ml
75022Reagent Bottle GL45 500ml
75023Flask Erlenmeyer Boro N/N 1L
75024Flask Erlenmeyer Boro N/N 2L
75025Cylinder measuring 10ml T/F Boro
75026Cylinder measuring 25ml T/F Boro
75027Cylinder measuring 50ml Boro T/F
75028Cylinder measuring 100ml Boro T/F
75029Bottle Wash PE N/N 500ml
75030Tripod stand round 20cm H
75031Reagent Bottle GlassBorosilate Glass Bottles Clear GL 45 1ltr..
75032Quick dip fixative 500ml Item 1 b : FNNGG017..
75033Quick dip I 500mL Item 1b: FNNGG020..
75034Quick dip II 500mL Item 1c : FNNGG023..
75035Stirrer bar non stick surface 75X13mm plain..
75036Flask Erlenmeyer Boro N/N 3L..
75037Medisure Underpad 60X41.5cm , 5Ply 250/Pkt..
75038Mat Iron Wire 220X200mm with ceramic centre..
75039Quick Solution 1 & 2 (500ml+500ml) for Histophathology Stain..
75040Sample Separation Tube (SST) BD 4 ml Pkt/100’s..
75041Blood Sugar Tubes Sodium Fluoride 4 ml Pkt/100’s..
76001Dishwashing 5L
76002Liquid Detergent 5L (Laundary Detergent)
76003Liquid Hand Soap 5L
76004Pine Oil Deodorant 5L
76005Polish Maintainer 5L
76006Fluer air freshner 5L (or any other brand)
76007Disinfectant 5L
76008Chlorine Bleach 5L
76009Soap Dispenser 1Ltr SS,Stain Finish..
76010Scoure sponge
76011Spray bottle 1L
76012Spray gun/bottle 500mls
76013Toilet tidy set/sanitary set 1L
76014Multi fit handle 22mm x 35mm
76015Contrator wipes 10's
76016Dust pan set
76017Polivac c 25 polisher (or any brand/comes with brush but no pad)
76018Koala back pack vacuum cleaner (or any brand)
76019Toilet tissue 12 x 250m (or 300m/400m/400m roll)
76020Jumbo roll tissue dispenser stainless steel set
76021Virgin pulp h/towel 250ml 6/ctn (Multifold hand towel 230mm x 240mm 250 sheet)
76048Paper Litmus Red 200's..
76049Paper Litmus Blue 200's
76050Drapes Sheet Large, 178X216cm Proxima (DYNJP2417)
76051Drapes Sheet Impervious, 112X165cm Sterile (DYNJP2418)
76052Surgical Gowns Eclipse Non-Reinforced Gown Small (DYNJP2005)
76053Surgical Gowns Eclipse Non-Reinforced Gown Large (DYNJP2001)
76054Surgical Gowns Eclipse Non-Reinforced Gown X-Large (DYNJP2002)
76055Surgical Gowns Eclipse Non-Reinforced Gown Xx-Large (DYNJP2003)
76056Surgical Gowns Gown Smart Sp S/M, Unreinforced (LWS9505CE)
76057Surgical Gowns Gown Smart Sp (L), Unreinforced (LWS9506CE)
76058Surgical Gowns Gown Smart Sp XL, Unreinforced (LWS9507CE)
76059Surgical Gowns Gown Smart Sp XLI, Unreinforced (LWS9516CE)
76060Surgical Gowns Gown Smart Sp 2XLI, Unreinforced (LWS9526CE)
76060ASurgical Gown D Zire
76061Laboratory Gowns Large Size (Full White)
76062Laboratory Gowns Medium Size (Full White)
76062ALaboratory Gowns Yellow Color, Water proof, with Sleeves, Small size..
76062BLaboratory Gowns Yellow Color, Water proof, with Sleeves, Medium size..
76064Laboratory Incubators Digital Controller General Purpose,16L Non Fan Forced
76065Laboratory Incubators Digital Controller General Purpose,32L Non Fan Forced
76066Laboratory Incubators Digital Controller General Purpose,66L Non Fan Forced
76067Laboratory Incubators Digital Controller General Purpose,160L Non Fan Forced
76068Laboratory Incubators Digital Controller General Purpose,300L Non Fan Forced
76069Laboratory Incubators Digital Controller General Purpose,500L Non Fan Forced
76070Accessories for Incubators Inner Glass/Acrylic Door
76071Accessories for Incubators Glass Viewing Window
76072Laboratory Incubators Digital Controller General Purpose,16L Fan Forced
76073Laboratory Incubators Digital Controller General Purpose,32L Fan Forced
76074Laboratory Incubators Digital Controller General Purpose,66L Fan Forced
76075Laboratory Incubators Digital Controller General Purpose,160L Fan Forced
76076Laboratory Incubators Digital Controller General Purpose,300L Fan Forced
76077Laboratory Incubators Digital Controller General Purpose,500L Fan Forced
76078Saritorius Analytical Balances (Laboratory Balances) Quintix
76079EW-1500i 300/600/1500gm X 0.1/0.2/0.5gm Triple range compact Balance..
76080Lab Refrigerator GPS Series ,1400 Ltr, 2 Solid door , CE marked..
78000Water Purifier System- ..PART 1- ZRDSOP3AS-DI 3 To make Type 2 Water at 3 L/ Hour Stored in Internal 6 L Reservoir
78000aWater Purifier System Part SPR00SIA@ (Samrt Pack) Rios DI
78000bWater Purifier System Part ZFMQoooPR -Pressure Regulator
21000Checkit Test kit includes comparator, Phenol red disc and tablets for 30 tests from pH 6.5 to 8.4 in 0.1 increments (TIN 147100)
21001Checkit Test Kit includes Comparator DPD disc and tablets for 30 tests for chlorine free and total from 0.02 to 0.30 mg/L chlorine (TIN 147000)
21002Checkit Test kit includes comparator, DPD disc and tablets for 30 tests for chlorine free and total from 0 to mg/L chlorine (TIN 147020)
21003TK 100 Comparator 2000+ (TIN 142000)
21004Disc 2/1J pH disc 6.8-8.4 (Phenol red) Lovibond (TIN 221130)
21005Glass Cell 13.5mm path length with lid 5pcs Type DB424/S (TIN 354243)
21006Phenol red tablets 100pcs for 2/1J Comparator 2000 disc (TIN 511750BT)
21007Chlorine disc measuring 0.02 to 0.5 mg/L (TIN 295920)
21008W 680/OG/40 glass cell with 40mm path length (TIN 606890)
210093/40K colour disc for Comparator 2000+chlorine measures 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.04.0 5.0 6.0 mg/L Discontinued -RA (TIN 233930)
21010DPD #1 tablet 250pcs (TIN 511051BT)
21011DPD #3 tablets 250pcs (TIN 511081BT)
21012Thermometer-10 to 110C red spirit white back 76mm immersion 305mm long 1.0 divisions (LBS72/808/0)
21013Thermometer -10 to 50C red spirit white back 76mm immersion 305mm long 0.5 divisions (LBS72/809/D)
21014Test tube 10ml PP 16X100mm with rim 1000pcs (SIE88323)
21015Enviro Truck Wash 5L
21019Colorimeter Move 100 Spectroquant
21020Photometer Nova 60 Spectroquant
21021Thermoreactor TR 320 Spectroquant
21022Chlorine Test (free and total chlorine)Method: Photometric, DPD 0.010 - 6.00mg/I C12 Spectroquant Packet
21023Chlorine Cell Test (free and total chlorine) Method: photemetric, DPD 0.03 -6.00mg/I C12 Spectroquant Packet
21024Cleaner Degreaser Simple Green Drum 20L
21025Multi-Purpose Detergent Earth Smart 5L EarthSmart Multi-..Purpose detergent is a readily biodegradable, non hazourdous dilutable detergent for use on floors, walls, bench tops, counter tops, sinks & other surfaces. While EarthSmart Multi-Purpose Deter...
49120BioVue ABD CTL..
49121BioVue ABD Confirmation..
49122BioVue AHG Polyspeific..
49123Bliss 4X50ml..
491243% Affirmagen A1,B, 2X3ml..
491253% Surgiscreen 3X3ml..
49126BioVue Liners 1X20..
49127Anti-C3D Bioclone 1X3ml..
49202Universal Bottle Macartny 28Cm