At SESAGO we recognize the necessity of enabling solutions that not only fulfill the modern infrastructure needs of today but also cater for the future. We have the proficiency and resources to deliver custom-made solutions for building various infrastructures such as roads, jetties, and bridges. Adhering to the high standards of purity, strength, and quality of raw material to the final structure; we focus on innovative engineering techniques and advanced technologies while building, planning and designing infrastructure to exceed customer expectations.

Our electrical division offers a full range of eco-friendly and cost effective yet very modern electrical contracting services to domestic as well as commercial markets. We also supply environment-friendly cooling systems on an individual as well as turnkey project basis. As qualified Energy Auditors, we also provide services to analyze your domestic or commercial lighting/cooling/heating energy consumption patterns and provide better, brighter and cost effective solutions that are ecofriendly and commercially viable.

We have access to highly skilled, world class fully qualified service staff that regularly undergoes training and development.

The Renewable Power Generation industry is showing rapid growth with new methods and innovative technologies. SESAGO is looking towards breaking new ground, and offering our clients optimal solutions for harnessing raw energy be it Solar, Hydro, Wind or Waste Power. Our knowledge and global experience enable us to create economical and financially viable strategies for our clients.

18000Starter for 600mm Tube Light
18001Tube Light Led 9W-6500K, 600mm
18002Tube Light EET 22w,2926 , 1200mm with out starter
18003Lamp Candle Type LED 4W 320 Lumen, 3000K, E27 Base, Non Dimmable
18004Lamp Bulb Type LED 4W 320 Lumen, 3000K , E27 base, Non dimmable
18005Lamp LED, 6000K , 8W, E27 base , Non dimmable
18006Lamp LED 5000K, Opal , Epister , 18W, Non Dimmable
18007Lamp LED, 3000K, 18W, Epister, Non Dimmable , Clear
18008Lamp LED, 3000K , 480 Lumen , Clear, Non Dimmable
18009Street Light 200W, 6500K, Clear Lence Non Dimmable, 1500Lumen, Induction Lamp, 240V, IP 65
18010Energy Saving Flood Light 400W
18011Tube Light EET 20W,220V-240V, 1200mm with starter
18012i Pure Eco Solar Toys Remote Controlled Green Energy Micro Cars FCT-02W(Solar Powered)
18013i Pure Eco Wind Toys Remote Controlled Green Energy Micro Cars FCT-02S (Wind Powered)
18014i Pure Eco Water Toys Remote Controlled Green Energy Micro Cars FCT-02F (Water Powered)
18015i Pure H2GO Car Toys (Hybrid-electric Hydrogn Vehicle
18016i Pure Sunbox Toys (Sunbox USB, Basic off-grid solar power kit)
18017Lamp LED,3000K,18W,Sharp, Non Dimmable
18018Lamp LED,5000K,18W,Sharp,Non Dimmable
18019Lamp LED,4.5W,520 Lumen, 4000K,Clear
18020Energy Saving Warehouse Light 200W, 6500K
18021Ekka 10011, Flexible Water Bottle..
18022LL.AA.1001.10, Geo GU10 LED Lamp..
18023TF.BB.1025.60, EET 20w T8/T5 Tube..
18024TF.BB.1187.12, Fluorescent Tube 28W T5 300..
18025LL.AA.1003.61, Geo MR16 LED Lamp..
18026LL.AA.1003.31, Geo MR16 LED Lamp..
18027LL.AA.1002.10, Geo GU10 LED Lamp..
18028LL.AA.1001.11, Geo GU10 LED Lamp..
18029TF.BB.1187.32, Fluorescent Tube 28w T5 400..
18030Ekka 1006, Multi colour Shoe Lace FS1009..
18031LL.AA.1002.30, Geo GU10 LED Lamp..
18032LL.CA.1023.10, Geo GU10 LED Lamp..
18033LL.CA.1021.10, Geo GU10 LED Lamp..
18034LL.CA.1024.10 ,Geo MR16 LED Lamp....
18035LL.AA.1005.62, Domo LED 8w B22 6K GLS Bulb..
18036LL.AA.1001.10/WB,Geo GU10 5.5w 3k..
18037LL.AA.1001.60/WB Geo GU10 5.5w 6000k..
18038LP.AA.1016.11, Domo LED PAR38..
18039LL.AA.1002.11, Geo 4.5w GU10 frosted..
18040LL.CA.1022.10, Geo MR16 LED Lamp..
18041LL.AA.1005.12, Domo LED 8w B22 3K GLS Bulb..
18042TS.Z.XIONG-TIT, T5 Adaptor 20w & 22w T8 12..
18043TL.HC.1117.62, Asta 18w LED T8 Tube Rotate..
18044TF.BB.1028.60,EET T8/T5 Tube..
18045DA.MD.1132.12, Globo 12w Dim 90mm cutout opal..
18046LL.AA.1004.12, Domo LED 8w E27 3K GLS Bulb..
18047TF.BB.1027.60, EET T8/T5 Tube..
18048LL.AA.1009.12, Domo LED 4W B22 3K Fancy Round..
18049LL.CA.1215.32, Domo 3w Candle E14 4000K..
18050LL.AA.1001.31, Geo GU10 LED Lamp..
18051DA.MD.1132.52, Globo 12w 90mm cut out opal d/..
18052DA.MD.1127.40,Rapido Downlight Assembly..
18053HB.KG.1166.60, iLux 250w Induct Bell High Bay..
18054LL.AA.1010.12, Domo LED Candle..
18055LL.AA.1011.12, Domo LED Candle..
18056LL.AA.1048.12, Domo LED Fancy Round....
18057LL.AA.1049.12, Domo LED Fancy Round..
18058LL.AA.1002.31, Geo 4.5w GU10 SMD Frosted..
18059LL.AA.1001.30, Geo GU10 LED Lamp..
18060LL.AA.1013.12, Domo LED 4w B22 3K Candle..
18061DA.MD.1132.32, Globo 12w 90mm cutout dim opal..
18062LL.AA.1051.12, Domo LED 7w E27 3K GLS Bulb..
18063LL.AA.1048.52, Domo LED Fancy Round..
18064LL.CA.1215.12, Domo 3W Candle E14..
18065TL.HC.1174.52, Asta LED 18w Tube 2835 1200mm..
18066HB.KG.1154.63, iLux 100w Prismatic High Bay..
18067HB.DG.1031.60/NS, iLux Induct 200w HiBay Compact..
18068LL.CA.1216.12, Domo 3w Candle B15 3000K..
18069OS.Promo Pens, Promotional Pens for gifts..
18070LL.AA.1052.52, Domo LED 7w B22 6K GLS Bulb.., Compatible ballast 18/20w T8..
18072LL.MD.1139.30, Geo MR16 9w c/w ext driver..
18073DA.MD.1211.10, Rapido 10w 92mm cut out Dlight..
18074PL.LE.1152.62, Quattro 40w LED 60x60 Panel..
18075DF.MD.1135.50, Globo 15w Dimmable 175mm c/o..
18076DF.FD.1085.42, Globo 15w SMD 145mm cut out..
18077HB.DG.1034.60, iLux Induction Hi Bay Standard..
18078LL.MD.1139.10, Geo MR16 lamps ext driver..
18079TS.Z.MIC-LED-T8, T8 LED Tubes MIC Opto mixe..
18080DF.FD.1087.42, iPix 28w LED Shoplight..
18081PL.LE.1151.62, Quattro 40w Led 120x30 Panel..
18082LL.AA.1003.10, Geo MR16 LED Lamp..
18083DA.MD.1126.30, Rapido 5w 75mm cutout COB d/li..
18084DA.MD.1128.50, Rapido 9w COB Dim Downlight..
18085DF.MD.1135.12, Globo 15w 175mm cut out..
18086OS.48mm Tape, 48mm clear packing tape single..
18087FL.LF.1123.50, Ampio 80w LED Flood Light..
18088HB.KG.1189.X3, Polycarbonate Prismat HB Cover..
18089TL.HC.1117.12, Asta 18w T8 LED Tube 3000K..
18090HB.DG.1036.60, iLux Induction Hi Bay standard..
18091TS.Z.VitCen-TUBES, LED tubes from VitCen..
18092PL.LE.1188.62, Quattro 20w LED 60x30 Panel..
18093Test Case Residential, Test Case Domestic..
18094LP.EA.1019.40, Ditta LED 18w 120° Sharp..
18095TS.H.Panel, Panel lights small 20w & 25w..
18096HB.DG.1035.60, iLux Induction Hi Bay Standard..
18097TS.AA.MINI G9-45 SMD, Trade Sample G9 mini smd..
18098HB.DG.1031.60, iLux Induction Hi Bay Compact..
18099TS.C.FDB-D180-COB26W, LED D/light 26w 180dia silver..
18100TS.C.FDB-D80-COB10W, LED D/light COB 10w 80dia si..
18101TS.C.FDB.D105-COB-12W, LED D/light 12w COB white 1..
18102TS.C.FDB.D80-COB15W, LED D/light 15w 80dia silver..
18103TS.C.FDB.D90-3X3W, LED D/light 9w 90mm dia..
18104TS.C.FDB.D90-4X3W, LED D/light 4x3 90dia di..
18105TS.C.GU10C-3X3W GU10 3x3W, sample lamp..
18106TS.Z.ND-T81003, 10w T8 Tube 600mm Non Iso..
18107HB.DG.1035.63, High Bay 200w Poly Prismatic..
18108LB.KK.1102.40, iBob Induction High Bay..
18109DF.MD.1134.50, Globo Recessed Downlight..
18110DF.FD.1084.12, Globo 20w 200mm cut out DLight..
18111TS.Z.Wilson-Strip, LED Strips 5.0mm WW & RGB I..
18112LP.EA.1018.40, Ditta LED PAR38..
18113TS.Z.ND-T81803ISO, 18w LED T8 tube isolated 12..
18114TS.C.FDB.D90-1X7W, LED Downlight 7w COB 90dia..
18115TS.C.FSC.L3, LED Panel Silver 12.x3..
18116TS.C.FSC.L6W6-W42, LED Panel 600x600 42w 6000
18117TS.C.FSE-D240-W15, LED Downlight 240dia 15w..
18118TS.C.FSE.D300-W18, LED Downlight 300dia 18w di..
18119TS.C.GU10C-3X2W, GU10 3 by 2 watt sample..
18120TEST CASE AC/DC DIM, Test Case AC/DC and dimmi..
18121TS.Z.ND-T81803,18w LED T8 Tube Non isolate..
18122HB.DG.1031.40/NS, iLux Induct 200w HiBay Compact..
18123HB.DG.1032.60/NS, iLux HiBay 250w induct Compact..
18124HB.DG.1039.63/NS, iLux HiBay 200w Induct Prismat..
18125HB.DG.1043.60/NS, iLux HiBay 200w Taper Induct..
18126SL.DH.1063.20, Mondo 200w rounded Steetlight..
18127SL.DH.1063.60, Mondo Street Light Rounded..
18128SL.DH.1063.60, Mondo Street Light Rounded..
18129SL.DH.1069.60, Mondo 120w Street Light Sculpt..
18130SL.DH.1070.60, Mondo 150w StreetLight Sculpt..
18131TS.D.LD010-2, Street light
18132FL.KF.1161.60, Ampio 200w Induct Flood..
18133FL.KF.1171.40, Ampio Round 120w Induct Flood..
18134LB.JK.1096.50, iBob 100w LED Canopy Low Bay..
18135DA.MD.1129.40, Rapido 12w COB Dim D/light..
18136DF.MD.1133.50, Globo Recessed Downlight..
18137DF.FD.1087.31, iPix 28w Shoplight 4000K..
18138TS.F.SYD9269, D/Light 18w SMD 30deg adj..
18139LP.EA.1019.10, Ditta LED 18w 120° Sharp..
18140FL.LF.1125.50, Ampio 180w LED Flood Light..
18141TS.L.YW200w-HighBay, 200w High Bay COB..
18142Flood lights 100w
18143Fuzion 36W 600x600 Flat panel Light 5000K, 2880LM
18144Mercator 1200mm 36W LED Faber Batten Light
18145RAZOR 2 - LED 36W Super Low Profile Light Fixture - 5000K