SESAGO Ltd warehouses and distributes world class FMCG products and packed food items such as edible oils, pasta sauces and paper items. We also offer a wide range of OTC and alternative therapy products such as Vitamins, Minerals, Protein supplements, Nutraceuticals and Herbal medicines. All FMCG, Food, Personal hygiene and Herbal products are from the best in the industry and meet end user’s expectations of efficacy and safety.

30125Oil_Olive_SANSA (POMACE) 4 x 3Ltr TIN
30001Luncheon Napkin 2 Ply (125 /Pack) ..16 x Packs Per Carton
30003Mini Hand Towel 1X12X90mtrs 1ply 40gsm , 12Pcs/Carton
30004Jumbo Hand Towel 1X6X250mtrs 1ply 40gsm ,6Pcs/Bale
30005Nusoft Toilet Tissue 1X48X200 Sheets 2ply 17gsm , 48Rolls/Bale
30006Toilet Tissue Roll, Super Premium Quality Tissue 250 Sheets, 2 Ply - 4 Rolls/Pkt
30007Handle Universal
30100Oil_Olive_EXTRA(Exv) Carton of 12 x250ml BTL
30101Oil_Olive_EXTRA(EXV) Carton of 12 x 500 ml BTL
30102Oil_Olive_EXTRA(Exv)Carton of 12 x 750ml BTL
30103Oil_Olive_EXTRA(Exv) Carton of 8 x 1 Ltr BTL
30104Oil_Olive_EXTRA(Exv) Carton of 12 x 1 Ltr PET
30105Oil_Olive_EXTRA(Exv) Carton of 6 x 2 Ltr PET
30106Oil_Olive_EXTRA(Exv) Carton of 4 x 3 Ltr TIN
30107Oil_Olive_EXTRA (Exv) Carton of 4 x 5 Ltr TIN
30108Oil_Olive_FRUTTATO Carton of 12 x 250ml BTL
30109Oil_Olive_FRUTTATO Carton of 12 x 500ml BTL
30110Oil_Olive_FRUTTATO 12 x 750ml BTL
30111Oil_Olive_FRUTTATO 8 x 1 Ltr BTL
30112Oil_Olive_OLIVA (Pure) 12 x 250ml BTL
30113Oil_Olive_OLIVA (Pure) 12 x 500ml BTL
30114Oil_Olive_OLIVA (Pure) 12 x 750ml BTL
30115Oil_Olive_OLIVA (Pure) 8 x 1 Ltr BTL
30116Oil_Olive_OLIVA (Pure) 12 x 1 Ltr PET
30117Oil_Olive_OLIVA (Pure) 6 x 2 Ltr PET
30118Oil_Olive_OLIVA (Pure) 4 x 3Ltr TIN
30119Oil_Olive_OLIVA (Pure) 4 x 5Ltr TIN
30120Oil_Olive_SANSA (POMACE) 12 x 250ML BTL
30121Oil_Olive_SANSA (POMACE) 12 x 500ML BTL
30122Oil_Olive_SANSA (POMACE) 8 x 1Ltr BTL
30123Oil_Olive_SANSA (POMACE) 12 x 1Ltr PET
30124Oil_Olive_SANSA (PROMACE) 6 x 2Ltr PET
30002Mini Jumbo Toilet Tissue 1X6X250mtrs 2ply 17gsm , 6Pcs/Bale
30126Oil_Olive_SANSA (POMACE) 4 x 5Ltr TIN
30127Oil_Olive_VINACCIOLO (GRAPESEED) 12 x 500ml BTL
30128Oil_Olive_VINACCIOLO (GRAPESEED) 12 x 750ml BTL
30129Oil_Olive_VINACCIOLO (GRAPESEED) 8 x 1Ltr BTL
30130Oil_Olive_VINACCIOLO (GRAPESEED) 12 x 1Ltr PET
30131Oil_Olive_BIOLOGICO(Exv) 12 x 500ml
30132Oil_Olive_BIOLOGICO(Exv) 6 x 750ml
30133Oil_Olive_BRAVO CHEF(COOKING) 5 Litre/Tin ( 4 Tin x 5 Litre Per Carton)
30134Oil_Olive_PAESAGGI (Exv) 3 Litre Tin ..( 4 Tin of 3 Litre per Carton)
30135Oil_Olive_FLOVOURED(TARTUFO)Exv 12 x 250 ML
30136Oil_Olive_FLOVOURED(LIMONE)Exv 12 x 250 ML
30137Oil_olive_FLOVOURED(BASILICO)Exv 12 x 250 ML
30138Oil_Olive_FLOVOURED(PEPERONCINO)Exv 12 x 250 ML
30139Oil_Olive_GREZZO(UNFILTERED)_Exv 12 x 500ML
30140Oil_Olive_GREZZO(UNFILTERED)_Exv 12 x 750ML
30141Oil_Olive_GREZZO(UNFILTERED)_Exv 12 x 1Ltr
30142Oil_Olive_FIASCO_Exv 6 x 500 ml
30143Oil_Olive_FIASCO_Exv 6 x 1Ltr
30144Oil_Olive_OMEGA3-6 (VEGE OIL) 12 x 500 ml
30145Oil_Olive_OMEGA3-6 (VEGE OIL) 8 x 1 LTR
30146Oil_Sunflower_SESAGO 12 x 500ml
30147Oil_Sunflower_SESAGO 8 x 1 Ltr
30148Belcari Extra Virgin Olive Oil UE 1Ltr 12/Ctn
30149Belcari Extra Virgin Olive Oil UE 500ml 12/Ctn
30150Belcari Extra Virgin Olive Oil UE 250ml 12/Ctn
30151Belcari Pomace Olive Oil 1Ltr 12/Ctn
30152Belcari Pomace Olive Oil 500ml 12/Ctn
30153Belcari Aceto Balsamic 500ml 12/Ctn
30154Belcari Sunflower Oil 1Ltr 12/Ctn
30155Belcari Sunflower Oil 500ml 12/Ctn
30156Belcari Sunflower Oil 5Ltr Pet 4/Ctn
21016Barbed Wire 2.5mm x 400m High Tensible
21017Electro-Heb Power Extension Cord Heavy Duty 30m #PW3000PGW
21018Professional handled multi parameter meter for laboratory and mobile use- Multi 3430 SET F
259UPS- APC BE500R-AS 500VA, 240V
10071Spiral note book A4 100/120 pages Tudor brand
10501A4 80 GSM Paper Reflex 500/Ream
10516Xerox Performer A4 80 GSM 5 Reams/Ctn
1646Dell Desktop 4GB RAM/ 500GB HDD 64 Bit +18.5 INCH Monitor..
20000Saddle, Galvanised, 25mm
20001Soap Washing (Sunlite/Equiv) Single
20002Towels (Cotton/Terry) 250 Gm
20003Tooth Paste 35 gm
20004Tooth Brush (Soft.Medium)
20005Shaving Razor Men's With Blade
20006Coloring Book (Age 3-8) Standard
20007Crayons (10/12 pcs per pack)
20008Sweets for Kids assorted 75-100Gm
20010sharpener wth round box
20011Marker Bic Perm Bullet black 12/pkt
20012Marker Bic Perm bullet blue 12/pkt
20013Exercise Book 64 pages 120pcs/cnt
20014Colline Double Ledger book310898
20015Ruler steel/ metal 300 mm
20016Staple 26/6- 5000/pkt
20017Env craft458x324 A3 250/Box
20018document Tray plastic 3 Layer
20019Pen Kilometric Med Pt. Black 12 pcs/pkt (60pkt/Ctn)
20020Tape Packing 48x50 Brown 120/crtn
20021Suspension File
20022paper clip 28mm 100/pkt
20023paper clip 33mm
20024rubber band 100 gm sz 19
20025EPBX 10 Line
20026pen stans Mesh Wire Round comix
20027A4 paper copy HP
20028stapler remover-cromix
20029stick on note pads
20030Pen kilometric med blue 12pc/pkt
20031Manila folder
20032A4 envelope gold craft..
20033Archlever file
20034dividers colour 1 pck..
20035Fastener 1 pck
20036STAMP received
20037cabinate cwd 822 swing door grey
20038Pallet Wrapper 450x400x15 Black
20039Binder cover clear A4 100/pck
20040Binder machine Rexel Cb206
20041Coil Binder 21R 14Mm(100/box)
20042Post Flag 25x43 m
20043Fold back clip med
20044Medical Large Micro Data Centre CD38U5G106..
20045Table st 1200 standard gray
20046Chair dk-02F executive medium blue
200475 LTR Natural Container
20048Desktop Monthly Calender..
20049ASUS PCE-N15 network adapter
20050ASUS Vivo Tablet Note 8 (M80TA -DL001H) , 1.8GHZ 2GB , 8.0'' TOUCH WIN 8.1 , 32 + OFFICEH&S
20051ASUS Vivo Tablet Note 8 (M80TA -DL004H) QUAD CORE, 1.8GHZ , 2GB 64GB WIN8.1 , 32 + OFFICE HOME
20052Brother LC37BK Black Ink Cartridge
20053Brother Toner Cartridge TN-1070
20054Canon CL41 Ink Cartridge
20055Canon CL 513 Ink Cartridge
20056Canon CL641 Ink Cartridge
20057Canon Black Toner Laser Cartridge 303
20058HP Note Book FOC86PA#ABG , 1000M Dual Core, 1.8GHz,2GB,320GB,15.6 HD,DVDRW ,WIN 8
20059HP Note Book 250 , F8Z12PA#ABG,C1000M 1.8GHz , 4GB,500GB, 15.6'' LED, DVDRW, WIN 8.1
20060HP Note Book 250, G6G28PA#ABG ,INTEL 13-3110M,15.6'' 4GB 500GB,WIN 7PRO 64 , 1YEAR
20061HP Note Book F8Z13PA#ABG , CORE 15-4200U , 1.6GHz, 4GB , 500GB 14''HD , DVDRW, WIN 7
20062HP Pavillion Note Book PC J2B88PA#ABG , CORE 15-4210U 1.7gHZ 2.7GHz , 4GB , 500GB 15.6''HD, DVDR
20063HP Desktop PC H6N43AA#ABG
20064HP Pro Desktop E2D14AV
20065HP Micro Server G7N54L 712969-375 , 8TB (4 x 2TB) 3.5" SATA
20066Lenovo Note Book 68852C9 ThinkPad Edge E531 , CORE13-3110M 2.4GHz , 4GB , 500GB , 15.6'' HD , DVDRW , WIN 7
20067Lenovo Note Book B590GB CORE 13-3110M 2.4GHz , 4GB , 500GB , 15.6'' LED ,DVDRW ,WIN 7
20068Levono ThinkPad AU L430 , CORE-15-3320M 2.6GHz , 4GB , 500GB ,14''LED DVDR
20069Lenovo 20C6-006KAU , CORE 15-4200M 2.5GHz 4GB,500GB, 15.6HD,DVDRW, WIN 7
20070Lenovo M73 Tiny 10AY-000QAU
20071Lenovo M73 10B5-A005AU
20072Lenovo M73 Tiny 10AY-002AAU
20073Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3 Lite SM T111M
20074Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3 SM-T3150Z , DUAL CORE 1.5GHz , 1.5GB 16GB 8.0'' LCD , WIFI/4GB , BLUETOOTH
20075Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000
20076Toshiba Portable Personal Computer SATPR PSCLVA-001001
20077Toshiba Portable Personal Computer PSUL1A-01Q001
20078Toshiba Portabel Personal Computer Sat Pro PSCLVA-002001 , 15.6'' HD LED , 4GB 16GB , WIN 8.1 64Bit Upgrade Media (DVD)
20079Pallet Jack
20080Toshiba C50 PSCJEA-01N011 CELERON N2820 15.6'', 4GB 500GB , DVD DL WIN8.1 1 YEAR
20081Samsung Galaxy S5
20083Industrial Weigh Scale Light T5040 , 150KgX50gm
20084Heat Sealing Machine
20085Treadmill Horizon Adv 3 Plus..
20086Shelve Keylock Frame 3048X839 90R..
20087Shelve Beam 1-BM K6105mm2591mm Orange..
20088Shelve SmartGuard K6 90 Upright Orange with 2 Clips..
20089Brother All in One Laser Printer MFC-8510
20089ABrother Drum Set..
20090Brother Toner TN3340
20090ABrother Toner TN 3340 Compaitable Toner 8000Pages
20091Stripping Machine With Sparparts/Wheel
20092Streeping Roll
20093Salotap Roll
20094UNIFI UAP-AC2 2.4GHz, 5GHz ,450Mbps, 1300Mb
20095Samsung Monitor 32 HD
20096RESMED Power Station II Lithium-Ion battery + cable..
20097Indstrial Fan..
20098Canon all in one Printer..
20099Hurricane H600 ventilator (Warehouse Roof Ventilator)..
20100 ITHP Desktop Computer, Elite Desk 800 G1, HD Graphics 1600,DDR3 , SDRAM, Windows 7 Professional, 17-4740 , 8GB (2X9GB) , 500GB (Product # K8F64PA # ABG)..
20101 ITHP Memory Card 4GB (Product # KTH9600CS/4G) for (Product # K8F64PA # ABG)....
20102 ITHP PRODISPLAY ,P242VA 24'' LED, 16:9 , 250N, 1920 X 1080, 3000:1 , 8MS,VGA,DP,HDMI,TILT, 3YR (Product # K7X32AA)..
20103 ITAxis CCTV Camera-Axis M1013- Small -Sized indoor network camera. Fixed Lens..
20104 ITAxis CCTV Camera-Axis M3004-V-Ultra -compact indoor fixed mini dome..
20105 ITAxis CCTV Camera-Axis M3024-LVE Fixed Mini Dome-Brand/Model-AXIS..
20106 ITSamsung S6 EDGE Mobile Phone + BLACK 32GB..
20107 ITHP Server DL360G9 E5-2630v3 (1/2),16GB (1/2),SAS/SATA(0/8)HP2-5, P440,NOCD, 1U, 3YR ..
20108 ITHP300GB 6G SAS 10K 2.5in SC ENT HDD..
20109 ITHP 1U Cable Management Arm for Easy Install, Rail Kit..
20110 ITHP 500W FS Plat Ht Plg Pwr Supply Kit..
20111 ITMicrosoft Office PRO2016 (ESD Download) -For Windows devices-All Languages..
20112 ITSamsung Galaxy Edge 16/32 GB ..
20114 ITGW2255 21.5in LED VGA/DVI (16.9) 1920X1080 Tilt Stand VESA (GW2255)..
20115 ITGW2255HM 21.5in LED VGA/DVI/HDMI (16.9) 1920X1080 Speakers Tilt Stand VESA (GW2255HM)..
20116 ITT2254P 22IN LED WIDE VGA/DP/HDMI 1680X1050 (16.10) TILT/HEIGHT/SWELL BLACK 3Yr Exchange (60CCMAR2AU)..
20118 ITBasic Optical Mouse for Business (4YH-00009)..
20119 ITWireless Mobile Mouse 1850-Black Comfortable and Portable, 2-way scroll wheel.Design is suitable for use with either hand, Mini-Transceiver (USB) Battery life up to 5 months (U7Z-00005)..
20120 ITUSB 3.0 to VGA video Adapter-on-board drivers for hassle-free installation without an Internet connection or CD-ROM drive-USB powdered - External USB video card-1920X1200 (USB32VGAV)..
20121 ITHDMI to VGA Video Adapter Converter with Audio for Desktop PC/Laptop/Ultrabook-HDMI Male to VGA Female Converter - PC Resolutions up to 1920X1200 HDTV up to 1080p (HD2VGAA2)..
20122 ITHDMI to VGA Adapter Conveter for Desktop PC/Laptop/Ultrabook -1920X1080 -HDMI (M) to VGA (F) (HD2VGAE2)..
20123 ITDell Power Edge R320 1U, E5-2407 v2 2.4Ghz (1/1), 1x8GB 1600 RDIMM, 500GB 7.2 SATA 3.5 HP (1.4), DELL POWER EDGE R320 1U, E5-24 ..
20124 IT8GB RDIMM, 1600MT/s, Low Volt, Dual Rank, x8 Data Width, Customer Install. 8GB RDIMM, 1600MT/S, LOW VOLT,..
20125 ITKit - 1TB 7.2K RPM Near Line, 6Gbps SAS 3.5" Hot Plug Hard Drive.KIT - 1TB 7.2K RPM NEAR LINE,..
20126 ITKit - Broadcom 5720 Dual Port 1Gb Network Interface Card.KIT - BROADCOM 5720 DUAL PORT..
20127 ITSingle Hot Plug Power Supply 350W. SINGLE HOT PLUG POWER SUPPLY 3..
20128 ITKit - PERCH H310 Integrated RAID Controller, Mini - Type KIT - PERC H310 INTEGRATED RAI..
20129 IT3 Pin Adaptor..
20130 ITHP LT05-1.5/3.0TB 20PK Data Cartridges with Customised Labels , EU INFO REQ (C7975AL)..
20131 ITBen Q Monitor
20132 ITDesktop HDD 1000GB
20133 ITToshiba - Satellite L70-C00J Notebook 17/2.4Ghz - 16GB-1TB HDD - 8G SSD - 17.3"..
20134 ITHP Designjet HD Stand Alone Scanner - G6H51A..
20135 ITSamsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7" LTE 32GB ..
20136 ITSamsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7" WiFi 32GB (Black)..
20137 ITSamsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 WiFi 16GB (White)..
20138 ITSONY/Lexar Platinum II 300x Class 10 SDHC Card (16GB)..
88881Digicel Nokia C3 Mobile Phone
88888Sony DVD Player SR510P
90001Hp Compaq Laptop 620 C2D
35000Chipping Hammer -Part no 6-SHC
35001Pen Marker Black -Black industrial liquid paint marker -part no; 6-M96963 12/Pk
35002Gloves Leather Green Hand 40cm
35003Penetrant Oil (WD_40) or (CRC 5.56)
35004Exhasut Fan 16 "
35005Screw Galvanized M12 x 65mm
60002Green Scaffold Tags Pack of 25's..
60003Red Scaffold Tags Pack of 25's
40031Roti Maker