Sesago Healthcare Ltd supplies Chemical products of world class quality; backed with full techno-commercial and 24 x 7 emergency support. We supply best quality chemicals to mining and exploration companies and also to pathology laboratories. Our extensive list of quality chemicals includes Laboratory chemicals, Bulk and Fine chemicals, Agriculture chemicals, Food chemicals, Water treatment plant chemicals, Cleaning and detergents for domestic/Industrial purpose.

ID# Item/AcctDescription
00000191 10123Hydrochloric Acid 32% 2.5 L R
00000131 10142Sodium Metabisulphite 98%
00000132 10267Caustic Soda Pearl 25kgx40ba
00000113 10321Metabisulphite sod. 98% Tonn
00000297 10566Sodium Cyanide 98%,1000kg.
00000263 actcarb550Activated Carbon 550KG pack
00000191 causodmicrCaustic Soda Micropearls 25k
00000194 coras46 CORENA AS46 OIL 20L PAC
00000277 coras46 Corena AS46 OIL 200L
00000136 corenas68 Corena S68oil 209 L (Corena
00000136 donax20 Donax TM transmission oil20L(
00000191erasol946Erado-Sol Liq Stain Remover 9
00000154 gadus Gadus S2 V220-2 180kg. ALV
00000196 gadus ALVANIA SDX2 GREASES B
00000178 grecal3 GREASE CALIBRE 3% M EP2
00000191 hcltg2.5 Hydrochloric Acid 32% TG,
00000191 picaci100 Picric Acid 100gm
00000273 service 1 Clearing , Wharfrage , Handlin
00000135shex55Shell X55 Solvent 205 L
00000190 sodmetbulk Sodium Metabisulphite tech gr
00000196 spi85/14 Spirax 85/14 0EP OIL 205 LT
00000191 sulacid2.5 Sulphuric Acid 2.5L,98%
00000136 tellus Tellus 46 oil 209L (Tellus S2 M
00000196 therblub THERMIA B LUBRICANT OIL
00000135 tor320 TORCULA320 OIL 209LT(SH